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14th September 2015, 08:06 AM
Held off on this until now, but yeah.

Some of you know me, while others don't.

For those who don't, I go by this name basically everywhere I visit online.

I still keep up with the game and anime, although my card collection is a bit ancient at the moment. Online, I play all sorts of decks depending on how I'm feeling. Some of my favorites are Madolche, Zefra, and Odd-Eyes Magician, but I can play just about anything at least decently.

Aside from Yu-Gi-Oh, I like games in general (Pokemon, chess, Final Fantasy series, etc.). I also judge debate in my area during debate season (and yes, I actually do enjoy public speaking). Finally, I do watch some anime and read some manga. My favorites being aired or published right now include Shokugeki no Soma and Tokyo Ghoul:re, and all-time some of my favorites include Your lie in April and Baccano. I'm always open to recommendations.

So yeah, let me know if you need anything. See ya around on the forums.