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12th January 2016, 04:00 PM
In the main timeline of 5D's, Yusei learnt Accel Synchro by Bruno/Dark Glass/Antinomy/Johnny. In Z-One's timeline, we see that Z-One who was copying Yusei had also access to Accel Synchro and even used Shooting Star Dragon. We also see on Z-One's screen that alternate Yusei also had a Delta Accel Synchro Monster: Cosmic Blazar Dragon. That Yusei didn't met Antinomy or the Yliaster Emperors, and I assume that Johnny learnt Accel Synchro by Z-One (or Z-One programmed that knowledge into Antinomy's system).

So, my theory is that the alternate Yusei was the inventor of Accel Synchro and Delta Accel Synchro.

Do you agree or do you have a different theory?

Dread Kaiser
12th January 2016, 04:45 PM
There is no way of knowing if Yusei created the summoning in the original future, and since multiple people are able to do so (Antinomy essentially said Accel is nothing special when he broke out Halberd Cannon) it really doesn't matter

this really isn't going to turn into much of a discussion since there is more or less nothing to work with and it really doesn't matter

13th January 2016, 04:25 AM
When he said Acel Synchro is nothing special, I assumed in retrospect that he was referring to how Delta Acel Synchro is comparatively.
Yusei learned it from Antimony, who probably learned it from Z-One, who learned it from his research of Yusei from the alternate time line. How that Yusei got it is unclear, but he may have figured it out for himself. It probably took him longer than in this one.

24th March 2016, 09:54 PM
As the 13th doctor would say, "Who wrote Shakespeare"? It seems to be some sort of bootstrap paradox, where events in the past only happen because people from the future who remember those events go back in time to cause those events in the first place.