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26th January 2016, 12:38 AM
Screenshot & Decklist
Main Deck
3x Performapal Skullcrobat Joker / 3x Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer / 3x Performapal Monkeyboard
2x Performapal Lizardraw / 1x Performapal Guiturtle
3x Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer / 2x Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord / 1x Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer
1x Destiny HERO - Plasma / 2x Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
1x Eccentrick Archfiend / 1x Jigabyte / 2x Maxx "C"

3x Draco Face-Off / 3x A Hero Lives / 2x Twin Twister / 2x Forbidden Lance / 2x Instant Fusion
1x Mask Change / 1x Mask Change II / 1x Wavering Eyes

1x Treacherous Trap Hole

Side Deck
2x Denko Sekka / 2x Droll & Lock Bird / 1x Psi-Blocker / 1x Maxx "C" / 1x Performapal Partnaga
2x Wavering Eyes / 2x Forbidden Chalice / 1x Twin Twister / 1x Raigeki / 1x Dark Hole
1x Time Space Trap Hole

Extra Deck
2x Masked HERO Dark Law / 1x Dinoster Powerful, the Mighty Dracoslayer / 1x Elder Entity Norden
2x Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer
1x Number 103: Ragnazero / 1x King of the Feral Imps / 1x Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer / 1x Diamond Dire Wolf
1x Majester Paladin the Ascending Dracoslayer / 1x Abyss Dweller / 1x Daigusto Emeral
1x Evilswarm Nightmare / 1x Traptrix Rafflesia

I'm in the mood to post a deck that I've been working this last week and give an unnecessarily long explanation of how it works. Let's start.

Performapals have the most consistent way to set scales with Skullcrobat as the main searcher and Monkeyboard. Pendulum Sorcerer (along Luster Pendulum) also helps with the searches, filling my Extra Deck and boost the attack of my Performapals. Guiturtle and Lizardraw bring draw power to the mix, but Guiturtle is less useful because it's not pendulum summonable. These 12 cards allow me to turbo through my deck like crazy, going from 36 card to ~25 cards in my deck in one turn.

The Dracorivals is another key component of the deck. Luster with its really good pendulum effect, being a tuner and searchable but it has a restriction to only be used as material for Dracoslayer monsters so in some cases (not too many) is a dead card. Vector and Master can't compare with Luster but them not being restricted allow me to do other plays with them, especially Vector. Draco Face-Off is stupidly good, doesn't matter what my opponent choose, it'll always opens a lot of plays.

The HERO engine, altough small, is really good. Shadow Mist to Dark Law is, in my opinion, the strongest first turn play because getting one in board doesn't takes too much card investment (just 1 AHL and that's it) like CDI so is easy to back him up with Rank 4s like Rafflesia. Dark Law also makes my opponent invest and lose resources to deal with him, giving me the upper hand in long duels; Mist also searches Plasma, the MVP of the deck, that alone has won me so many duels. Plasma is a walking Skill Drain for your opponent that steals monsters and puts pressure on my opponents, also being a easily searchable Main Deck boss monsters allow me to get around decks that punish Extra Deck-centric decks. A Hero Lives not only works as my way to get Dark Law in board as quickly as possible, but also as a come back card. I run both regular Mask Change and Mask Change II because i've been in situations where I wanted to use a Skullcrobat or a KotFI to make Dark Law, the discard cost is not too painful.

Jigabyte is there for Rank 4 plays, Eccentrick for backrow hate and Maxx "C" because EVERY deck special summon so much that it'll at least make me draw 2 cards.

The 2 Twin Twisters in main and 1 in side is for backrow hate. After reading the report of the guy that went first in YCS Sydney (https://www.reddit.com/r/yugioh/comments/41j157/1st_place_ycs_sydney/), I started testing the Chalice in the side and adding Lances in the main, and I must say, in this deck they do wonders, protecting my Dark Law with Lance, disrupting my opponent plays with Chalice and some cool interactions with Ragnazero. Instant Fusions are for quick Rank 4s with Norden. 1 TTH in the main deck and 1 TSTH for Rafflesia again, based in the deck of the report, but I really like playing it that way. I know this is weird but I think play only 1 Wavering Eyes in main and the other 2 in side is a good way to play it, against non-pendulum decks having too many WE makes brick and even against pendulum decks there are little chances that I would need more than 1 since Dinoster protects my scales.

My side deck is a work in progress but the 2 Droll & Lock Bird, 2 Denko Sekka, TSTH and Raigeki are the card that I side the most.

Nothing too special in the Extra Deck: 2 Dark Laws, the Dracoslayers and Rank 4 toolbox. Rafflesia and Nightmare are the MVPs of the deck, I always make one of them or both each game and they just put too much pressure in my opponent that it's just insane. I'm not exxagerating when I say that a first turn Dark Law and Rafflesia/Nightmare wins games and it's so easy to make that I need to open REALLY bad or be bombarded by hand traps to not make it.

I LOVE this deck, It's fun to play (but not so fun to play against, just ask my opponents) and make the matches with Pe Pe so exciting (unless they lock me in first turn) and it has everything: Consistency, flexiblity, multiple strategies, strong first turn plays, mid-game plays, comeback plays. I just wish that I was able to make the deck irl, even if I don't play it, just to have it in my desk. For now I'm enjoying to play it in DN and DevPro.

If you have any recomendations or want to share your opinions about the deck, feel free to do it.

And just in case, this thread doesn't need to become a "discussion" about Pe Pe and the meta in general, at least not a ugly one.