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British shirting brand Thomas Pink is known for bringing exceptional tailoring made popular by London's Jermyn Street to the masses,
and its new Business Bundle may be one of the smartest investments you
can make for your closet yet. Especially if you wear
a suit to work every day or have a bunch of weddings
coming up this fall.

Four undergraduate students at North Carolina State University are attempting
to produce a nail polish that will reveal
the presence of date rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB by changing
color in their presence.

The news comes only a few weeks after Buzzfeed reported
that the company won't be pursuing next-generation sequencing, a new,
more expensive area of genetic testing that companies have
been adopting.

So far however, Undercover Colors arent revealing much detail.
Spokesperson Ankesh Madan said, All of us have been close to someone who has been through the terrible
experience, and we began to focus on finding a way to help
prevent the crime
. Their website appears to be nothing other than a logo and a
request to donate to their research. The project, which
came out of a University initiative to get students to tackle real-world problems, appears to be
well short of bringing a product to market. All four of the founders are studying Materials Science and Engineering.

In 1975, Trump agreed to a consent decree
, whereby no admission of wrongdoing would be given, however, his management company was ordered to take out ads telling ethnic minorities that they
were welcome to seek housing at Trump properties.

The good news: Howard told Cosmopolitan that she's already been approached by some
fashion brands asking her to participate in photo
shoots. The better news: Some have even asked for advice on how to better promote diversity.

And it's probably a lot easier for you to imagine.
Like many colorblind people, I'm what's called "red-green colorblind" as
a shorthand. True, black-and-white colorblindness
where the world looks like an old-timey movie
is actually pretty rare.

The Spector is not for sale yet, but with the right resources, she says it could go on Kickstarter within the
next year or two. O'Leary made the working prototype for her thesis project at the Royal College of London.

Now a new batch of data from Publishers Weekly
reveals adult coloring books had something of a magic touch last year.
Whenever an adult coloring book took on a particular theme, that entire category
saw big jumps in sales.

A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research
seems to indicate that measuring an activity, whatever it is, decreases peoples motivation to keep up with it.
But in the meantime, new evidence suggests that when we do measure things, we
might not enjoy them as much.

Mint's 225th birthday - it's meant for collectors, so you won't
be seeing this one in circulation any time soon. But because the coin is commemorative - it's made of 24-karat
gold and has a $100 face value to mark the U.

On the other hand, I am so pleased that Ive been able to accomplish
what I was brought in to do. "Departing 23andMe is bittersweet for me," Page said in an emailed statement to Business Insider.
It has been an incredible ride and I am looking forward to remaining active
on the board and assisting the company however I can. I take deep pride in how far
23andMe has come in four short years, and that we are at a stage
of strength and maturity where Anne can take the sole leadership
role. "On one hand, I will miss the adventures of being with all of the teams day-to-day.

On the coins that Americans use every day - quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies - the word "liberty" is stamped next to a white (and male) president's bust. On coins that have featured Lady Liberty's likeness, she's been depicted as a white woman.

Through the promotion, you can buy four shirts from two of Thomas Pink's most popular styles, the Sterling and the Traveller, for $400. Simply add any four options listed on the bundle's page to your cart, and the discount is automatically applied at checkout. It's still a pricey purchase, to be sure, but it's important to remember these shirts can cost up to $185 when purchased separately. At $100 each through the Business Bundle, you'll end up saving hundreds without compromising quality.

If they had a child tomorrow with two x-chromosomes, that child would have a 50% chance of becoming a carrier like my mother. My father, Ed, passed me a y-chromosome. And my mother passed me her defective x, so I'm colorblind. If my father were colorblind as well (he isn't), that two-x-chromosome child would have a 50% chance of being born colorblind.

In effect, we want to shift the fear from the victims to the perpetrators. We are Undercover Colors and we are the first fashion company empowering women to prevent sexual assault. Through this nail polish and similar technologies, we hope to make potential perpetrators afraid to spike a womans drink because theres now a risk that they can get caught, the page continues.
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