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Remember that like
real life, most Web based businesses are about building rapport
and relationships. Would there be value to having a questionnaire which asks
your audience a series of important questions.

How it works: the searcher clicks on your ad link and goes to your landing page.
Your autoresponder will automatically add them to your list.
Then they sign up for list, via your website subscription box.

(Watch out for Infoseek, though. As long as
your doorway pages do not promote keywords or phrases that have nothing to do with your Web sites content, and that you do not submit too many doorways with the same keyword and clog
up the search results, you are free to go for it! In other words, if your doorways help
search engine users to find what they are looking for without being deceived,
no one will penalize you. It doesnt like it when your doorways redirect users
to a new location without their intervention, e.

According to interviews with search engine executives in the Search
Engine Watch, the search engines seem to have adopted a whole new
healthy attitude towards doorway pages! using the META refresh
tag or a CGI).

The best way to get high quality links is to create content that is authoritative and informative or highly entertaining.
Another option is to publish articles of similar high quality that would brand
you as an expert, and include a link to your site under the
author byline. Other sites would then point out your site to their own visitors.

None of us really knows 100% what the best approach to all this is.
But they are also controversial, misunderstood technically and ethically, and can sometimes do more harm
than good when abused. I am therefore inviting all readers to contribute their experiences, thoughts, fears, ethical concerns, successes,
tips, and problems with doorways. We can all learn from each other about this most important
and effective aspect of Web promotion. I also wish to invite you to our Web promotion discussion forum at website Doorway pages are
definitely very effective Web promotion tools.
I believe that sharing, discussion, and putting issues out in the open are what promotes awareness,
better decision-making, and progress.

com or Wordpress and write short daily articles targeted to your market.

These will link to your landing page and encourage people to sign up
for your newsletter for more information. Blogging: You can set
up a blog on Googles blogger.

Again, little or no content (often just garbled
text or keyword rich paragraphs that have no real value) were
reproduced over and over and cluttered up the search engines.
These pages were supposedly going to bring great traffic but the
bottom line is that they were and still are all labeled by
engines as Spam. b) Search engines also despise any kind of duplication or
use of
mirror pages.

How you can meet the audience's
needs exactly, is only limited to "your imagination" and the most
effective way to present the information you know they are
looking for, back too them. Invariably this question often comes up when I am teaching one of
our live hands-on workshops. You want to give them what they
"really want" as opposed to what you "think" they want and do
this right up front. People need to understand that this
is wide open to all the discoveries you make while researching
your target audiences behavior.

An important criteria to look deeper into is the keyword
placement criteria. These are the various places that engines look for keywords:

As you can see, the ranking criteria is highly dynamic, using
a complex algorithm that integrates all the above factors
in various proportions and with various maximum and
minimum values. Synonyms some engines look for words similar in meaning to the keyword.

Directories are sites where other sites are classified and
indexed under appropriate categories. And if the link to your site comes from an appropriate category, it would also be considered relevant.
A good directory with a large number of listings would itself be considered a good site (by search engines).

Thus the link would meet the quality criteria. Easiest & large use by webmaster is
to get link from seo friendly web directories.

How do you get listed in directories?
Unlike search engines, directories do not crawl the Web
looking for sites. Go to each directory, understand their rule and guidelines and then submit your site accordingly.
Instead, they review the sites that are submitted to them by humans or automated submission software.
This is a tiresome and monotonous task. So,
your site would stand a better chance of being reviewed quicker if you
arrange to submit your site by hand. Automated software typically submits a large volume of junk sites with no valuable content.
Hence directories prefer sites submitted manually by humans.

Okay, so what kind of information might a information rich page
really contain? That will depend on what "your research" reveals
of course, but here are about 20 rough ideas just to get you
started thinking in this fashion.
Boxing, Antiquities
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