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ScionStorm Registered User   4,225 ScionStorm's Avatar     
Dread Kaiser Registered User Visit Dread Kaiser's homepage! 3,614 Dread Kaiser's Avatar Do I really need an introduction? I was THAT GUY from the Disqus section of the Org. then I got banned. Now I'm back. You can also find me on the Wikia answering Ruling Questions, helping with decks and fixing/Yelling at stupid things as they come upTerminiaYu-gi-oh!, Warhammer, Arguing, Gundam, Ranting.Yes
Sanokal Registered User   2,480 Sanokal's Avatar The only Kiwi on the Internet.New Zealand.Writing, Gaming, Building, Conceptualizing, Card GamesTraffic control
SynjoDeonecros Registered User   2,142 SynjoDeonecros's Avatar     
King Registered User   2,078 King's Avatar  Going Back Home  
Hope in the Interstice Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to Hope in the Interstice   1,994 Hope in the Interstice's Avatar     
LolsterXD97 Registered User   1,797 LolsterXD97's Avatar     
Pendulum Registered User   1,589 Pendulum's Avatar    To sway, naturally.
Volteccer Registered User   1,335 Volteccer's Avatar     
Archsorcerer Registered User   1,231 Archsorcerer's Avatar     
Indytotof Registered User   1,132 Indytotof's Avatar  France Student
J. D. Guy Registered User   1,107       
KingJinzo Registered User   977 KingJinzo's Avatar  Germany  
Baroque Registered User   766 Baroque's Avatar     
ThePhotonLegion Registered User   738 ThePhotonLegion's Avatar     
yshipster Registered User   696 yshipster's Avatar  Xyz JigenDestroying Fusion Jigen and stuff...Falcon tamer
Destiny91 Registered User   667 Destiny91's Avatar     
R3QU13M Registered User   640 R3QU13M's Avatar  THE D4RK D00R  
Yuuri Registered User   635 Yuuri's Avatar   YGO, casual artist, games, forums, and blogs. 
KingKaash Registered User   595 KingKaash's Avatar     
Mystic TimeKeeper Registered User   589 Mystic TimeKeeper's Avatar Lone traveler who transcends over time and space on their journey of ponderation.   
Brightshine Stardust Registered User   543 Brightshine Stardust's Avatar     
Erickdsl Registered User   543 Erickdsl's Avatar  Somewhere over the rainbow  
EmperorShun Registered User   536 EmperorShun's Avatar I love English. I also love Animes, Pokemon and Yugioh, especially Arc-V. Shun is Love, Shun is live. Fab Decks: - RankUpRaptor - Destiny Heros - Metalfoes - Ghostricks - PredatorPlants - Speedroids - Agents Interested in: - Cosplay Magicians - Antique Gear - Subterror - SPYRALHeartlandAnimes, Manga, Sci-Fi, SHUNResistance Soldier
Comun Registered User   512 Comun's Avatar This website's greatest lover of bootleg and mistranslations. I only play in your turn.Ancient Forest (aka Manaus, Brasil)  
Jolan Registered User   507 Jolan's Avatar  Netherlands  
Voltanis The Adjudicator Registered User   496 Voltanis The Adjudicator's Avatar Level Eight LIGHT FairySanctuary In The SkyCounter TrapsAdjudicator
Dyson Sphere Registered User   472 Dyson Sphere's Avatar  The Sun  
iNfiniTe Se7eNz Registered User   462       
darkgod789 Registered User   452 darkgod789's Avatar     
Archfiend Registered User   350 Archfiend's Avatar A scrub duelist. YuGiOh, Anime, Manga, Bikes, Music 
AccelRainbowDashley Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to AccelRainbowDashley   348 AccelRainbowDashley's Avatar  Silent Hill  
The Sonic Duck Registered User   331 The Sonic Duck's Avatar     
Silence Registered User   328       
BBDD Registered User   319    Italy  
Ciphermask Registered User   309 Ciphermask's Avatar I'm the luckiest unlucky person you will ever meet.The Shadow RealmYugioh, it's why I'm here.Not entirely sure, but "Keister Conquistador" sounds pretty radical.
Michelle Registered User   302 Michelle's Avatar I make bad decisions, don't know better and can't find true love.Cafe SoleilWriting articles, Create-a-Card, debate, shitposting, iunnoQuality Poster
Noir Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to Noir Visit Noir's homepage! 280 Noir's Avatar  Huecho Mundo  
Baconator Registered User   271       
ARKhaven Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to ARKhaven   270 ARKhaven's Avatar Currently using Kaiju, making HEROes, and laughs/cries at the next stupid crap Konmai pulls out of their asses. And this SHOULD be the right Skype Name, unless I borked up somewhere   
NeoArkadia II: The Masquerade   263 NeoArkadia's Avatar     
Zarkiel Registered User   257 Zarkiel's Avatar Just a nerd who like anime and gaming. Decks I like: Superheavy Samurai, Zombies, and Blackwings I basically only play online yu-gi-oh due to lack of locals.   
Drakylon Registered User   254 Drakylon's Avatar     
Mediyu Registered User   253 Mediyu's Avatar     
haloichigo1 Registered User   245       
HelixReactor Registered User   229 HelixReactor's Avatar     
ChaseLumsden Registered User Visit ChaseLumsden's homepage! 223 ChaseLumsden's Avatar Go Check out my DeviantArt.Saving Dimensions Far and WideLucina, Card Games, F***ing up the worlds, anything else video game-related.Professional "Dimension Jumper"
cypher32 Registered User   212   Just a duelist with swag. Been on board since the dawn of time (2002). A lover of life reading, swimming, gaming, and of course duelingStudent
Thanako Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to Thanako   211 Thanako's Avatar I actually run the Gusto archetype. Monarchs are slowly becoming a favorite, but Gusto will always hold a special place in my heart. My motto in life is: Shake, Bake, CakeThe NetherworldYu-Gi-Oh!, Sound Horizon, Fire Emblem, Baking, Chess, Yoga, Cultural Studies, FoodBaking, Freelance translation
Charly Ruri Raptors Registered User   211 Charly Ruri Raptors's Avatar     
DelCtrl Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to DelCtrl   210 DelCtrl's Avatar Eternally Playing Smash 4 3DS and MonHun 4UBlack City (aka São Paulo, Brazil) iOS App Developer
GagagaOrganizer Registered User   201 GagagaOrganizer's Avatar A dedicated user of Syllables! Love Hope 39; Spellcasters & Warriors are awesome. I've been playing the game casually since the Duel Monsters era. Over the years, I've taken a great liking to Dark Magician, Copycat and Spellcasters & Warriors in general, Favorite attribute is FIRE. Besides Dueling as an obvious hobby, I'm a writer, avid reader, and love to experiment with compositions of music.LouisianaWriting, Reading, Music, Learning, Art.Entrepreneur
Dark-Shimy Registered User   199       
Icematoro Registered User   194 Icematoro's Avatar  I might be crazy, but I'm not Melissa!You don't care tho...You're calling me that anyway...
Link-0 Registered User   194       
aera644 Registered User Send a message via Yahoo to aera644   191 aera644's Avatar Hi there I am a former soldier/member of the YGOrganization users who know me know me as The Great Pyromancer aera64 (minus The Great Pyromancer part).For those of you who are wondering why I added a second four to my name well its simple new YGOrganization new me but not to new to where people dont know how there talkin to so I look forward to talking/meeting old and new YGOrganization brother-en and sister-en for we shall one day rule all of the Yu-Gi-Oh Dimensions for we are the true duelers of the universe.   
Butter Registered User   190       
XBrain130 Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to XBrain130   180 XBrain130's Avatar  Italy  
Joenen Global Moderator Visit Joenen's homepage! 172 Joenen's Avatar Spellcaster Duelist, Joenen from Pojo, YGOrg, etc.Fusion DimensionHunting, SpellcastersJobbing
clairedestroyer! Registered User   170 clairedestroyer!'s Avatar     
JTSW Registered User   164 JTSW's Avatar I'm not important. Drawing, Holding cats, Taking walksShut In
Kaos45 Registered User   164 Kaos45's Avatar     
Plertidoures Registered User   161       
Constellar28 Registered User   149   Actually, I don't play Constellars. I'm currently playing Counter Fairy, Trickstar, and Cyberse.Crest Hill, IllinoisYu-Gi-Oh!Freshman in High School
TheRamenNoodle Registered User   148 TheRamenNoodle's Avatar Chicken is great. On a plate.Final DestinationChicken, SmashChicken-Flavored Ramen
Jakinus Registered User   148 Jakinus's Avatar  Behind you... ._.Yu-Gi-Oh!... duh... also video games, cartoons and reading.University Student
Aromaiden Registered User   146 Aromaiden's Avatar  US of AArt, Reading, Studying, etcStudying and working towards a life full of knowledge and education.
Colbrax1996 Registered User   144       
NassX Registered User   139 NassX's Avatar   yugioh anime 
Swampertmaster Registered User   135 Swampertmaster's Avatar  Neo YorkGaming, reading, cooking 
Devocrown Registered User   133 Devocrown's Avatar Hey, its Devo. I do various amounts of things such as youtube and twitch. So make sure to follow me on there and all my other social media :p Twitch/Youtube/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram @Devocrown   
Cheesedude Administrator Send a message via Yahoo to Cheesedude Send a message via Skype™ to Cheesedude   132 Cheesedude's Avatar I am Number IX in the Organization and a YGO wiki admin. I'm responsible for making sure the names on OCG cards match between the wiki and Dueling Network. I also do proofreading on the main site and modded our Disqis comments.PAWikis, YGO, Nintendo, Star Wars, A Song of Ice and Fire, other generic nerd things. 
SnorlaxMonster Registered User   129 SnorlaxMonster's Avatar     
False_Revelation Registered User   128 False_Revelation's Avatar  Between Dimensions Travel the spaces between dimensions.
Greed the Ambitious Registered User Visit Greed the Ambitious's homepage! 127 Greed the Ambitious's Avatar     
ChaosBlace Registered User Send a message via Skype™ to ChaosBlace Visit ChaosBlace's homepage! 124 ChaosBlace's Avatar Artist of Traditional, Computer, and Manga.Miami, FloridaArt, Yugioh, Anime, Manga, Waifus, Quiet LifeCar mechanic
Yugi.feder03 Registered User   124       
Rygoken Registered User   122       
den13 Registered User   117 den13's Avatar   plants fusion or spirits supports 
Megamaw Registered User   115 Megamaw's Avatar     
Never die Registered User   115 Never die's Avatar     
Eerie Code Registered User   111 Eerie Code's Avatar     
MajorRiot Registered User Visit MajorRiot's homepage! 110 MajorRiot's Avatar I live in the middle of an old growth forest in a very small town in the state of Washington. I am a mechanic who enjoys playing, collecting, and opening various Yu-Gi-Oh Products. I like to drink beer and laugh.Ravensdale, Washington, United States of AmericaPlaying Yu-Gi-Oh! Opening Yugioh products.Mechanic
Blue Registered User   108 Blue's Avatar     
Eternalight Registered User   108 Eternalight's Avatar     
Shinjikun Registered User   105 Shinjikun's Avatar     
TheycallmeBrick Registered User   104 TheycallmeBrick's Avatar     
Kindrindra Registered User   104       
ThatGuyWithThetSoBigButt Registered User   103 ThatGuyWithThetSoBigButt's Avatar I have a huge butt.IN THE HOUSE I DONT HAVEPlaying Card Games on SkateboardsPlaying Card Games on Bicycles
Amaryllis Registered User Visit Amaryllis's homepage! 101 Amaryllis's Avatar Former maths teacher, now writing music for video games and Yugitubing.United KingdomMathematics, writing, exerciseWriter, Musician
Torrendous Registered User   98 Torrendous's Avatar The Beauty of DestructionOntariosomething something card games 
Ex✭Blanc Registered User   97 Ex✭Blanc's Avatar   Graphics. 
melcarba Registered User   92       
Momma_Sophie Registered User   90   I am not female; I am not gender-confused. I play YuGiOh in physical life with a group at my local college. I, myself, could be considered the best of them all in terms of both skill and knowledge. I am usually striving to create better decks each day, making use of some of the most underplayed cards in the game while seeking to push others forward and display how virtually any deck can become competitive. My archetype of choice to do this with is the "Harpie" arch; so far, I have created more than enough hybrid decks with them, ranging from Stardust Dragon-focus to Shaddoll.Some crap city called "Greenwood."YGO, Pokemon, Drawing, Designing, PhilosophizingBookseller at Barnes and Noble College.
JoJoToast Registered User   85 JoJoToast's Avatar A Rogue piece of Toast, i spend my days roaming people's toaster's in search of my brethren.Your ToasterToasting, being ToastedSaving Toast
Ziz Registered User   85 Ziz's Avatar Uhhh... I'm not a bird anymore :(Mars Wumbologist
CardTamer Registered User   84 CardTamer's Avatar     
Deadborder Global Moderator Visit Deadborder's homepage! 83 Deadborder's Avatar     
pyrQ Registered User   83       
Eva Queen Bitch   82 Eva's Avatar     
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