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  1. New English Dark Side of Dimensions Trailer Confirms Voice Actors

    Namely the two lead voice actors.

    Dan Green is reprising his role as Yugi Muto
    Eric Stuart is reprising his role as Seto Kaiba.
    No official release date for the movie has been announced for...
  2. World Championship playmats revealed

    Most likely also a preview of the new prize cards.
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    Streams for Worlds 2016

    For all your watch-from-home needs.

    Day One

    The Finals

    ------ - NeoArkadia
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    [RATE-JP] Anime Related Cards

    Specifically ones used by Kaito/Kite, Yugo, and Rin!
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    More Japanese Official Goods

    Mostly merchandise you can wear on your person. Such as T-Shirts and Necklaces.
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    [OCG] 08/18/16 Rulings

    Not your average rulebook-tier questions.

    08/18/16 Rulings
    Q: If a Dark Lucius LV6 that was Special Summoned by the effect of Dark Lucius LV4 destroys an opponent’s Normal Monster by battle, will...
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    [EP16] Another Japanese Name

    This time concerning a Duel Terminal related card (artwork wise)
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    [TDIL-SE] A Reprint Confirmed

    For a card that has since been unavailable to Europe run territories.

    Number S39: Utopia the Lightning is one of the two reprints for The Dark Illusion Special Edition
  9. [TCG] Invasion: Vengeance Sneak Preview Dates

    Confirmed by the official TCG Twitter.

    October 29th and 30th!
    ------ - NeoArkadia
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    [V Jump October 2016] Other News

    Promos and Misc News
  11. [V Jump October 2016] Structure Deck News

    Information from the Ancient Gear Structure Deck.
  12. [V Jump October 2016] Booster Pack News

    Starting with Raging Tempest
  13. YCS Toronto & Rimini Format Announcement

    There’s still time to cancel your tickets. : ^ )

    The current F&L list will be in effect for YCS Toronto and Rimini.
    Don’t message me or post here asking when a new list will be out because I...
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    ARC-V Ending 6 Confirmed

    No Title, but the band is confirmed.
    The 6th Ending for ARC-V will be sung by the 5 man boy band “M!LK“. It’ll start in October.
  15. [SR03 & EP16] Geargiauger and Extinction on Schedule

    Another reprint confirmed, along with another Japanese Name for EP16.
  16. [DRL3] Dragons of Legend Unleashed Checklist

    The checklist.

    DRL3-EN001 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon
    DRL3-EN002 Performapal Uni
    DRL3-EN003 Performapal Corn
    DRL3-EN004 Raidraptor – Napalm Dragonius
    DRL3-EN005 Raidraptor – Blade Burner Falcon...
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    New Opening Theme for ARC-V

    Pretty much what it says in the title.

    The song will change in October 2016.
    The band for the new theme is SUPER★DRAGON, a nine man vocal-dance band.
    The song will be a part of the band’s first...
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    [DRL3] Early Leaks

    From a fellow over at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Reddit, railz0
  19. Dark Side of Dimensions Voiceover Auditions

    At Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2016!

    Basically attendees have a chance to do voiceover work for The Dark Side of Dimensions’ English Dub....
  20. Creative Deck Strategy: The Ancient Weapons

    Have you ever wanted to wield the power of mythical weapons of history in your deck? Empower yourself with Artifacts!

  21. [OCG] Paleozoic Dinomischus Erratum

    Guess someone had a hunch.
  22. [TCG] Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition

    Information on the product.

    Price: $9.99
    Each Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition contains: 3 Invasion: Vengeance Booster Packs, 1 of 2 Super Rare Cards, either Dystopia the Despondent or...
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    [DRL3] Planets revealed

    Despair, but also others.
  24. [TCG] The Next Shonen Jump Promo Selection

    From Shonen Jump’s Twitter:
    Junk Breaker
    Superheavy Samurai Swordmaster Musashi
    Performapal Trumpanda
    Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon
    Are the...
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    [Worlds 2016] Win-A-Mat Prize

    And it’s noted to be one of a kid.
  26. [OCG] 9th University Team Tournament Winning Deck Lists

    Apparently the winning team had two members.
  27. Dark Magician Girl figma Now on Pre-Order for Western Buyers

    Because it isn’t YGO without DMG.

    Good Smile has put up Dark Magician Girl for Preorder on their site....
  28. [OCG] Paleozoic Dinomischus Error Clarification

    An official statement clarifying an error from the OCG Extra Pack 2016 poster.

    From the official Japanese Website:
    “We apologize for the misprinted card effect of “Paleozoic Dinomischus” which...
  29. [Test Post] What's your favorite Yugioh Card?

    Hi all. Number #17 here. Pardon this “filler” post, but we need to make a post to test whether or not tags are working properly again (oh how we’ve missed them!) Anyways, feel free to join me beyond...
  30. [SR03] Inferno Reckless Summon

    Another reprint confirmed.
  31. [OCG] September Deck Experience Event

    Has been revealed. (And seemingly a bit early.)

    Contrary to many expectations, the event is not Kozmo. It’s instead Kaiju....
  32. Hulu, Yahoo View and Yu-Gi-Oh!

    A change in policies.

    Hulu is ending its previously free video services and switching to a paid model of $7.99 with commericals ($11.99 without).
    However, at the same time, Yahoo is launching...
  33. [TCG] "Halt!" The Robot Angels Sing

    Cyber angel article appears on the official strategy site!

    Featuring six new cards, including cyber petit angel!
  34. New 20th Anniversary Related Goods

    Official merchandise. Including a cute stuffed toy. (But appears to be limited in order policy.) From the Road of Duelist Exhibition.
  35. [OCG] Blue-Eyes Alternative Re-Release

    Basically, it’s being given out at the next run of the movie in Japan

    From September 24th, 2016 onwards, 1 of 50000 copies of Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon are being handed out to people...
  36. [OCG] Yu-Gi-Oh! Day September 2016

    No real change for this month with regards to the Concept Duel or its contents.

    It requires you to buy 5 packs of Extra Pack 2016
    In exchange you get 20 Yugo and Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon...
  37. Creative Deck Strategy: Steadfast Soldiers

    From their humble origins back at the beginning of Arc V, this archetype has remained steadfast in its dedication to mash and smash. But do you really understand how to build Superheavy Samurai or...
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    [EP16] Pendulum Cavalry

    Remember those three awkward Dinosaur Pendulum TCG World Premiere Cards from DOCS, BOSH and SHVI?
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    [TCG] Upcoming 2017 Products

    And it spoils the cover of Raging Tempest!
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    [ARC-V] Episode 118 Summary

    Episode 118: サバイバル・デュエル – Sabaibaru Dyueru(Survival Duel)
    Yuya and co. arrived at Academia’s training facility. There, they find an Academia instructor, Sanders, waiting for them. He then orders his...
  41. [SPDS] Konami Official Deck Recipes

    Though I get the feeling these might be more “How to get started” rather than their most serious builds.
  42. [SR03] Maxx "C" reprint in Machine Dragon Re-Volt

    You can only use 1 article per day, even if I’m making two.
  43. [OCG] Delta the Magnet Warrior Effect Text

    How do you make Valkyrion playable? You don’t play the card as written.
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    [SPDS] Checklist

    Of the cards in the pack

    Keep in mind all English names are tentative.
    SPDS-JP001 D-HERO ドリルガイ Destiny HERO – Drillguy
    SPDS-JP002 D-HERO ダイナマイトガイ Destiny HERO – Dynamiteguy
    SPDS-JP003 D-HERO...
  45. Creative Deck Strategy: Warriors in Time

    Fresh out of theBooster Special: Destiny Soldiersthat ishot off the presses in the OCG, the Destiny HEROs have arrived. Care to join their fight?
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    [ARC-V] Episode 117 Summary

    Episode 117: 牙をむく鈴の音 – Kiba o Muku Suzu no Ne(The Sinister Bell’s Chime)
    After a long time, Yugo and Rin are happily reunited. But suddenly, Rin challenges Yugo to a Duel!

    After a long...
  47. [ARC-V] Episode 116 Summary

    Episode 116: 太陽と月の守護者 – Taiyou to Tsuki no Shugosha(Guardians of the Sun and Moon)
    As Yugo rushes toward one of Academia’s towers to rescue Rin, he runs into the “Keeper of the Eastern Tower.” At...
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    [OCG] 08/04/16 Rulings

    An ode to the Paradox Brothers.

    08/04/16 Rulings
    Q: Torque Tune Gear is equipped by its own effect to a W-Wing Catapult. In this situation, if Forbidden Lance is activated, making W-Wing Catapult...
  49. [TCG] Tentative Pendulum Domination Release Date

    Provided it doesn’t get kick the can’d again.

    It appears the Deck has been scheduled for a tentative release date of January 27th, 2017 for the territories under the European branch.
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    [Obelisk Force] Spirit Deck

    A new Deck List from the Obelisk Force, based on Amaterasu and the new Pot of Avidity and Tribute Burial Cards.
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