So i just finished watching dm,now having watched all yugioh series i have a complete opinion on them.So i make this topic to see your opinion on them and discuss with you why you rate them as such(nothing too much just a few words or more i would like as less words as i contain myself to).For this topic i suggest we don't mention arc v since this is ongoing so this is a topic regarding the 4 completed yugioh series.
4)Zexal:This series has for the most part very boring and predictable duels,suffering from the utopia syndrome and always ending on overkills with under 500 life points,it has a weak beggining,gets better at Zexal II but even the good points of Zexal II are not well done as by the end something happens that makes the good points invalid or pointless,example is Vector you have a villan on the rank of Yami Marik,that killed Nasch because he did not like him and sacrificied almost everyone for the sake of his plan(even innocent bystanders)and yet that person turns good in the end,Kaito has a normal death but returns anyway(that makes the fact that Kaito had a normal death completely pointless),speaking of Kaito,Zexal has one problem that dm has which is the fact they have a small number of main characters.Irronically Zexal has the best animation of all yugioh series so far.
3)Gx:while Gx has the most character development of all yugioh series(in both guality and quantity)it has the least plot consistensy out of all yugioh series,debatable if it is good or bad,the duels are very straightforward and simple,they are easy too follow but nothing stands out much.Regarding Jaden i know he is the main character but there is way too much focus on him(apart from season 3)and the other character have lesser screantime and usefullness as a result.
2)5ds:5ds and DM have the best duels both in diversity and creative,5ds in terms of combos usage it surpassed DM but sadly in the second arc the diversity took a step down in the duels of the main characters(while not as bad as Zexal there were a quite a few 'utopia' syndromes here and there),5ds has a wider main cast then Gx and Zexal and slowly reveals how everything is connected while the show prograsses,also 5ds propably has the strongest beggining out of all the yugioh series.
1)DM:Even now i am having a hard time deciding whatever or not i like 5ds or DM the most,while DM has a small main cast just like zexal,it has the biggest diversity in duels as a different outcome is being presented every time,in terms of story i like how it reveals the roots of how everything begun and how many people moved the 'gear' of the story to conclude to the plot we have now but another problem is that it has a slow pacing at some times,doma arc is in my opinion the best arc of any yugioh series.