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  • Cyber Dragon: Hmmm, I'm not sure how I could squeeze in an entire new engine. The cards I could drop are the Decrees, Drain, possibly Truth, and possibly Ring. I'm not sure it'd be worth the effort in this build.
  • Fusion Gate: If there were more generic fusions I could go into, maybe. Maybe in a secondary build I could squeeze in a HERO engine? No, that'd only give me access to the DARK Omni HERO, which isn't that good. Maybe if Starve Venom ends up being usable.

Well-informed, interesting techs. Thank you for your help!
Well, the Cyber Dragon idea was just something I would try. For that, you would have to revamp your deck a bit. Don't bother with it.
My suggestion of Fusion Gate was a bit a shot in the dark. It could work, but most of the times it would clogging your plays. It would be nice if, late game, you could bring FGD with it a go for game. But that's an anime scenario. Not really worth it.

No problem, man!