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Thread: Official Create-a-Card Thread

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    Elemental Hero Neo-Spacian
    LV 4 LIGHT Warrior Effect 1700/1500
    This card's name becomes "Elemental Hero Neos" on the field or in the graveyard. Once per turn: you can send this card and up to 2 "Neo-Spacian" monsters from your deck to the GY, and if you do, special summon 1 "Neos" monster from your extra deck whose fusion materials is equal to the amount of cards sent to the GY and list at least one of the monsters send to the grave by this effect as a fusion material by this effect ignoring its summoning conditions. If "Neo Space" is on the field and this card is in your GY: you can shuffle this card into the deck; return 1 "Neos" Fusion you control into the extra deck, and apply its effect for when it's returned to the extra deck by it's own effect.(Quick Effect)

    Neo-Spacian's Bond
    Normal Spell
    Banish monsters from your GY that are listed on a "Neos" fusion, and if you do, Special summon it from your extra deck ignoring its summoning conditions. If a "Neos" fusion monster returns to the extra deck: you can Target 1 of your banished monsters and banish this card from your GY; add that targeted monster to your hand.

    Deep Neo Space
    Field Spell
    This card is treated as "Neo Space" on the field or in the GY. If a "Neos" fusion is summoned except by fusion summon: you can draw 1 card. During the end phase, If a "neos" fusion activates an effect to return itself to the extra deck: you can send 1 "Neo-Spacian" or "Neos" monster from your deck to the GY; negate that effect.

    Elemental Hero Cosmic Neos
    LV10 LIGHT Fusion Warrior Effect 4000/3500
    2 "Neos" fusion monsters
    Must be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by shuffling the above cards you control into the Deck, and cannot be special summoned by other ways. (You do not use "Polymerization".) This card's summon cannot be negated, also cards and effects cannot be activated in response to this card's summon. If you control "Neo Space" this card is unaffected by other cards effects. Once per turn: you can send 1 "Neo-Spacian" monster from your deck to the GY; this card gains that card's effects until the end of the turn. During the end phase: you can return this card to the extra deck. If this card is returned to the extra deck by it's own effect: you can special summon any number of "Neo-Spacian" monsters and/or "Elemental HERO Neos" from your deck, and if you do, after this effect resolves you can immediately summon a "Neos" Fusion in your extra deck using it's summoning procedure, but it's effects are negated for the rest of the turn.
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