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Thread: Ygorganization Discord Rules

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    Ygorganization Discord Rules

    For those of you unaware, Ygorganization has a discord now. With it, some ground rules needed to be laid out, and instead of having to play it by ear, we felt it was best to make a public list that could be modified at anytime.

    Some people are more lenient than others regarding certain rules or all of the rules. Others are harsh and angry and will swing the ban hammer at any chance they get simply because it fulfills an empty desire in their heart.

    The Golden Rule Is Don't Be A Tool
    Some people are more leniently with the rules than others. But plain and simple, if enough of us hate you, we will not tolerate your presence. Sometimes "enough of us" is one person with 0 tolerance for bullshit. There's also another saying that Dan or Earl will tell you, "If someone with a blue name doesn't want you around, you will not be tolerated. If someone with green name doesn't want you around, you probably won't be tolerated either". So just be cool fam.

    0 Tolerance for trolling
    Some people can't be fucked to deal with your trolling and you will be gone.

    No politics/religion talk
    It's likely gonna end in someone hating and banning you or devolve into a flame war that results in bans, so just don't

    No Pron/NSFW/Etc
    We can't verify people's age, and Dan doesn't wanna get sued. This can extend to a person's judgment, so if you have to question how risque it is, don't do it.

    Impersonation is a bannable offense
    If you pretend to be Earl or Eva you're be gone. If you come in saying your Patrick Hoban, and I find out you aren't Patrick Hoban, you're gone. This can extend to parody's of people as well, but that will be left to the judgment of "how likely is that person to actually come here" and if we can verify it's an actual "professional" parody like The Card Chaps or some random wanting to make fun of Jeff Jones.

    No roleplaying
    Everytime you roleplay Earl gets cancer, please don't accelerate his death.

    No hate speech and no slurs
    It's not nice, and we don't wanna have to read "I HATE ******S" in our public channels, keep that shit elsewhere.

    Do not harass other users
    This one is a little tricky, but if you are harassing another user in DM or elsewhere, you may be banned from the discord channel, simply because we don't want to deal with someone like you.

    Don't Ruleshark the rules
    Do not try to use our own rules against us. Do not try to use our own rules to manipulate us into doing things. Do not try to find loop holes in the rules to try and avoid bans. Do not try to rigidly define the boundaries of rules.

    The rules can change at anytime
    If you do something retarded and NeoArkadia decides that's bad enough to ban you regardless of this list of rules, well that's unfortunate. The rules are at our discretion, and we made change them or temporarily add some in order to keep order or simply because we don't condone or enjoy that type of behavior.
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