With around 40 new anime a year, it can be tough to weed through all the options. You don't want a carbon copy of something else, you're looking for something different, or maybe you just marathoned an anime you really liked and want something similar, or maybe you've given up on anime because of all the weird trash out there. Either way, this thread is here to help!

It's simple, recommend an anime and list its genre with at least 3 reasons why people should give it a try. Try to think it out a little bit. It can be your favourite anime, or an anime you recently watched, or even a standout anime of the season and/or genre. Just give the reasons some thought.

Anime Name
[any extra notes]

As an extra, you can list an anime you really disliked, giving (good) reasons why people should avoid it.

I'll begin:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Genre: Shōnen - Action/Fantasy/Drama
+ A large cast of main characters that are well fleshed-out.
+ Heartfelt and mature writing. Although it follows a complex storyline, it is built upon a classic foundation that allows the viewer to enjoy and invest in it without confusion.
+ Deviates from the trap of easy shōnen tropes; the main characters aren't necessarily the strongest, the most important, or the best, and their journey is about learning about themselves as much as it is about the physical conflicts around them.
Assuming there's anyone out there who hasn't already seen FMA: Brotherhood, it's a stand-out gem within the shōnen genre, a genre otherwise notorious for talking down to its audience.