The ingunar dude i only mentioned because i used him once and he won me the game, but i know nobody use him, but i also have never seen anybody using c6 or barian outside of ranking up a c10x monster. The number 6 can become big, so brings the same to the table as one of the tools number c6 or barian represent, of course he's smaller than c6 in that sense, but he's also easier to put on board. Also, i forgot that m7 can be used for removing annoying things like beelze or for opening space for otks and can recycle things like hand traps or monsters to extend your plays, so 14 tools.

I know we probably didnt get anywhere in the terms of convincing the other of which one is the best, but we made a pretty good analysis of the cards, somebody starting the game now can read this and have a nice description of the toolboxes, i'm proud of us.

Honestly, my whole problem is when i play with a rank-7 deck today, i feel like its missing something, we declared 8 monsters, but 99% of the time is just dracossack, big eye and flare metal. I want something more, to make my red-eyes deck more viable.

Overall i think this was a very productive debate. How about which one is the second best rank (after R4NK, of course)? I'd say rank 8.