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Thread: the R*NK Debate

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    the R*NK Debate

    ok moving this shitstorm over here before the Wrath of Cheese (or worse, Eva) comes on my head

    Quote Originally Posted by Yuuri View Post
    Can we not see the "storm?" Because contrary to popular belief, we see it quite often. Watching the "storm" is like watching a train wreck.
    Yes but you don't see Dread-Brand storms anymore
    wait do you not normally crack out the popcorn for trainwrecks?

    Quote Originally Posted by Erickdsl View Post
    Of course they dont stand a chance against the decks that use the rank-7 toolbox i mentioned, but the reason isnt the rank-7 monsters, that's my point (except for the red-eyes deck, all the three decks i mentioned are arguably faster and more consistent than the red-eyes deck , unfortunately). The water deck rarely needs to summon rank-7's even though they have access to one of the best of them, and OPM can do so much stuff the rank-7's is just one of them, hardly their win condition.

    My point isnt the decks themselves, because of course OPM is far better than something like hieratics but the versatility of the toolboxes themselves. Also i forgot to mention their ability to make rank-6's and utopia beyond + OEPD is a 2 card otk.

    I believe that if you put a deck whose entire win condition is the rank-7 spam against a deck whose entire win condition is the rank-6 spam and they theoretically have the same speed, the rank-6 spam would have the advantage because it can do much more stuff.
    oook, let the fun begin
    anyone, Rank 7 spamming decks > rank 6 spamming ones. there is no arguing that one right?
    Of course they dont stand a chance against the decks that use the rank-7 toolbox i mentioned,
    Nope, no arguing that one. Obviously ignoring the fact that the 2 best R7NK users are Dead and irrelevant (rulers and Mermails, respectively)

    so ignoring the deck and engines entirely from now on

    anyway, so you say that all else being equal, 6>7 because they have "more stuff". so counting only generic conditions in generic R6NK deck (fuck off infinity, no Astral Force, beatrice assumes not having a deck of BA to mill or a dante to detach etc) but assuming you have some generic card required to use the card in question (a Number in Grave for Atlandis, a Vanilla spellcaster for Ebon Illusion, etc)

    Beatrice, point Mill, floats into a 2800 Untargetable beater (assuming Pilgrim Dante is around to float into)
    M7, bounces from either side of field or grave
    Gauntlet Launcher, pops 2 cards
    Number 72, Shogi Rook. Pops 2 cards, halves damage for the turn
    Number 25 and Strike Bounzer. Already covered those, so to quote: Force focus is just garbage, a veiler for Lv5+ monsters and directly competes with Strike Bounzer, which can negate any monster effect (including xyz), does so without targetting and deals damage in exchange for not destroying it. all for 100 less ATK. and unlike Veiler you have to have these on the board before whatever you want to negate more often then not. Reactionary effects usually not good.
    So I want to just ignore that Focus Force exists since Strike Bounzer outclasses it completely, but I guess Continous effects are things so if you really need an out to Blackwing Armor Master or something...
    Ingunar, unrespondable mass bounce, takes 3 lv 6s so its actually hard to summon on command (which is the point of a toolbox, so I'm not sure this should even be here, If I count this I'm going to have to count hard to use R7NK's too)
    Utopia beyond, mass ATK drop, basically crippling entire fields

    and for R7NK
    FUCKING BIG EYE: Needs no introduction
    Dracosack, same
    Red-eyes Flare Metal, Ignoring the Red-eyes summoning effect
    Ebon Illusion Magician, summons Vanilla beater from hand or deck (Assuming The Dark Magician) banishes a card when said vanilla attacks
    Absolute Dragon " floats into: A recursive 3K beater, a Battle Phase effect monster lock (fuck you Lightning), a Compulse/Quasar. With more to come in the future. Til then its a better utopia. again nothing else can do anything like that." (assuming you have the other Odd-eyes's to float into
    Number 74, Not!Once per turn targeting negation that blows up anycard, non-targetting

    and if I'm counting something like Inguanar then I'm counting:
    Number C6: Non destructive removal w/ power-up
    CXZ Barian: fucking big, potentially REALLY fucking big, copies Number Effects (Big Eye)

    Honorable mention Number 7: potentially really big with 3 1/6 chances of wiping the field or activating Graceful Charity. but unreliable so....

    so thats: (counting Monsters themselves and their "Tools" seperately, that is to say similar effects will be listed together while multiple effects will be counted seperately)

    Point Mill (Beatrice)
    Float into Untargetable Beater (Beatrice)
    2 cards that Pop 2 cards, one only hits monsters, one must hit a face up monster and facedown Backrow. (Shogi and Launcher)
    2 Dressed up Vielers (Bounzer and Focus Force)
    an Unstoppable Mass bounce (that is hard to drop) (Inguanar)
    And Beyond

    7 monsters, 2 of which have near identical uses to another on the list
    so I'm counting 6 tools, one of which is rather unwieldy, I miss anything?


    Supped up Change of Heart x2 (Big eye)
    Pops 2 cards (OPT and needs a tribute, which it provides)
    Summons Tribute/Synchro Fodder
    Indestructable 2800 Beater (Flare Metal)
    that Burn 5 everytime an effect is used. (Flare Metal)
    2500 Beater that summons another 2500 Beater (or 2900 if Cosmo Queen is used) (Ebon Illusion)
    banishes any card when said beater attacks (Ebon Illusion)
    Non targetting destruction anytime something tries to target him, not once per turn
    Gets Really Big (Barian and C6)
    Copies dead Numbers (Barian)
    Really big Non-destructive removal (C6)

    8 Monsters, 11 tools. only one of which shares functions

    I believe that if you put a deck whose entire win condition is the rank-7 spam against a deck whose entire win condition is the rank-6 spam and they theoretically have the same speed, the rank-6 spam would have the advantage because it can do much more stuff.
    8 Monsters to 7, or 11 Distinct Effects to 6. So I can now objectively state that Rank 7 is more versatile than Rank 6 and that, by your own admission would win as "they can do more stuff".
    All using generic monsters, if we started to include Type or Attribute locked monsters like Evolzar Solda, I would have to do the same for R7NK and bring in Abyssgaios

    Now if you do not agree with how I listed this, here is the reasoning, using actual Tools as an analogy.
    The Swiss Army Knife (say Dracosack) comes with more then multiple tools with multiple uses
    cards that pop (Shogi and Launcher) are 2 different types of screwdriver, same function minor difference in what they are used on.

    Now in the context of an actual head to head fight on how these toolboxes would go, Obviously its up to player skill and deck, but just looking at this R7NK has the advantage since Flare Metal and Master of Blades laugh at half the toolbox

    oh and inB4 "Tl;dr"
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