Hello the Ygorg !

I'm opnening this thread where we can discuss about Arc-V manga. If you don't know what this manga is all about, this website over here have all the chapters subbed in english.

I have to say the plot is intriguing... all the Yu's are already in Yuya's mind and can swap identity Atem-like. And this Genesis Omega Dragon/Factor of Destiny thing took my interest.

Also this two people:

Spoiler Alert!

The girl is named Eve. I bet the guy (who gave me Paradox vibe with his big-ass Duel Runner) is called Adam. They seek something inside Yuya's memories... another thing that interest me. The plot is even more mysterious than the anime.

I'm happy to see how Yuri is presented. He have a knightesque persona (despise liars, cares about people close to him and have a high interest in beautifull things, begining with himself) and have a big ego, like all knights. His facial expressions and interaction with the other Yu's are really amusing.

I'm really looking foward this manga, hoping it will not contradict too much the anime (unline ZEXAL manga).