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Thread: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Manga discussion

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    Spoiler Alert!
    Spoiler Alert!

    -Both Yusho and Leo exist in the Manga (Leo caused an incedent called World Illusion?).
    -Yugo used to be City Champ's newbie.
    -Adam runs a White Deck apparently focused on Synchro Summon.
    -Yugo's D-Wheel is called TK2000PS.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiny91 View Post
    Now that I think about it, the level 2 tuner basically means you can now Synchro Summon Crystal Wing during your first turn without using your Normal Summon. I hope they release it as a real card soon.
    They are probably Premium Pack material. Also, anime!Yugo might play a Level 2 Tuner too if he Duels soon or later.
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