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Thread: The Counterparts' Children Project

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    The Counterparts' Children Project

    So I have this thing that I like to draw offspring for my favorite YGO ships. It started with a friend's Skyshipping girl and soon after ARC-V started I drew a boy for Yuya and Yuzu.

    As soon as both Yuri and Selena were both revealed, I decided to expand on the ARC-V counterparts' ones and make them semi-counterparts (as in, despite being from different couples they "theorically" should look like siblings).

    After Ruri was finally shown on-screen, I could produce the group picture I wanted to do for months:

    (The hair colors should tip you off about which child is which counterparts')

    I've been meaning to write a story about them as well lately, when ARC-V is over, but I haven't figured out much about it yet.

    Here's some links on the YCM wiki where I explain in relative depth my ideas about them:
    Counterparts' Children
    Yushi Sakaki (Yuya/Yuzu boy)
    Asuyu Sakaki (Yuya/Yuzu girl)
    Rise (Yuri/Selena boy)
    Runo (Yugo/Rin girl)
    Rito Obsidian (Yuto/Ruri girl)

    I often post about them in my DeviantART gallery and my Tumblr blog, but the feedback here is low, so when I saw this section of the forum I thought about trying to get a slightly larger audience. So if you are interested in the kids' parent pairings, I would like some comments about them. Thank you.
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