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Thread: Digimon Universe Applimonsters a.k.a. ARC-V rip-off.

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    Digimon Universe Applimonsters a.k.a. ARC-V rip-off.

    Saying it's a rip-off is too harsh, since it can be argued that YGO has borrowed several elements from Digimon, e.g. 5D's having some strong resemblance to Digimon Frontier.

    The new and upcoming Digimon Universe Applimonsters has revealed some designs of the human characters, most prominently the protagonist, for at least a month ago or maybe even longer. But with a cast that looks like that, I can't feel but say that they are "ripping off" ARC-V's cast.

    The protagonist with the green hair, yellow goggles and red jackets looks really similar to Yuya. The goggles are a tradition, so they make sense. Red or blue are colors often worn by Digimon protagonists, so that is also understandable. But the green hair with that ahoge and the yellow-colored goggles make the resemblance way too strong.

    Then we have the heroine. A pink-haired, twin-tailed girl wearing a school uniform with a necktie, who also has blue eyes. (There already is a better profile picture of her.) To be fair, that design is very common among kids anime, which includes Yuzu's design. And even outside of the shounen genre.

    But to top of that, the guy far on the right has that greenish-hair and grumpy looking face with sharp eyes and he wears dark clothes. Totally not Kurosaki.

    Three characters that look too similar to the ARC-V cast can't be a coincidence. Even with all those kids series starting to look the same, that one is an obvious mirror. Digimon is known for having multiple forms for one Mon, a concept that YGO has used a lot, something that became a tradition since GX. (Even Duel Monsters had shades of this, only not as nearly as prominent.) Not only that, at least the hero and the heroine are 14 year-old like Yuya and Yuzu. That's nothing new for a kids series, but the only 14 year-old characters I remember were Masaru and Tohma (not counting Taichi, Yamato and Sora in 02).

    For those who are curious if they would share the same seiyuus as the ARC-V cast, they don't. Haru is voiced by a woman like every other DigiProtagonist (except Masaru who was ridiculously too manly for that), and Eri has the same voice as Shark's mom (lol).

    The plot might be not the same as ARC-V, and it might be not become as complicated (although the Digimon franchise is kinda deep, at least the various anime series are better than the Pokémon anime, even though XY/XY&Z is really enjoyable - just let him win that damn league and defeat Yuya and his Charizard X). I would be happy to see Gatchmon turning into something that looks Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon (or MegaloGrowmon/WarGrowlmon).
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