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Thread: "Damn you, Commons!" - Helix's lair for Arc-V parody scripts

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    Oh my... Yuzu entering the reject phase and carding people at random was totally awesome!!!

    In other news, thanks to Sawatari Shun van Damme is back!!!
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    Glad you like it ^_^

    This was pretty much the first time I write Yuzu's character (up to this point, she only had a very limited number of lines), and I was unsure what primary traits should I be giving her. It guess she ended up being somewhat close to the Yuzu from the Abridged Series. In any case, I'm glad to see her character here is being appreciated ^_^

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    Gotta admit, I didn't expect Psycho Yuzu to happen, like, at all lol

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    Well, she is a Fusion user, so...
    No, I admit it was totally unexpected. More than unexpected, only comical.

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    Episode 84

    Oh hey, I'm one day in advance this time! (ignoring the occasional weeks I skip o3o)

    Episode 84 is here! I really wasn't sure what to talk about in this episode. I'm not even sure if this is supposed to be a two-parter or not. So.... Yeah, be careful: Weirdness ahoy!

    And on that note, enjoy the read ^_^


    Narrator: Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-Vd’s:

    *Mad Chimera and Bloom Prima waltzing together*

    Security Guy #1: … You know what? Screw this, I’m out of here…

    Narrator: Now back to the episode.

    (The episode starts in Frenchwin’s office. The latter is casually playing chess against himself, then suddenly gets a burst of anger, and throws away his board.)

    Frenchwin: Curse you, me! You have won against me for the last time! I won’t be going easy on you anymore! … *Sigh* Sorry me, but the past period has been very stressful. My officers are being incompetent, my scientific team is being incompetent, and the Shiti might completely fall down under Academia’s attack due to my own incompetence… But at least, I’ve received tons of hate mail during this past couple of weeks from your ordinary Tumblr users, so I guess I’m somewhat doing things right. Besides, Sakaki Yuya is soon going to my friend; isn’t that exciting? ~~

    Shitikype video call: Ring ring ring, ring ring ring! Phone Call, phone call! ♪

    Frenchwin: Oh. It’s you. How are things progressing?

    Security scientist: Yeah, sir… I don’t think I’ll even be able to complete Sergey’s operation tonight.

    Frenchwin: Oh? Do you have a valid reason for that?

    Security scientist: Well, I’ve started googling how open brain surgeries are supposed to take place, and it turns out the stuff is more complicated than I initially thought. Besides, it takes weeks for a patient to fully recover from such an operation.

    Frenchwin: So it’s not just: open someone’s head, put a chip inside it, then close everything with duct tape?

    Security scientist: No sir. That’s not how medecine works.

    Frenchwin: Even if I fully believe in you and your team?

    Security scientist: No sir. I’m afraid our card games logic cannot be applied in other productive matters.

    Frenchwin: But you and your team have accomplished so many wonderful things in the past!

    Security scientist: Did we? Do I even have a team? There’s only me and... this guy.

    Akutsu (spinning around): MOOOOOOOOOOMENTUUUUUUUUUUM! ~~

    Security scientist: I really don’t know why you hired him… He might be a brilliant scientist from wherever he comes from, but here, he’s just a nuisance.

    Frenchwin: Well I still believe in your abilities, and I demand you to finish Sergey’s operation in… 19 minutes.

    Security scientist: But sir! I really cannot do this!

    Frenchwin: Very well, then… Sergey can wait. You can start taking care of Sakaki Yuya instead. This way, you’ll have more time to do it. Remember: It needs to be completed before his duel against Crow Hogan. The world needs to know how grandiose this duel will be.

    Security scientist: Sure. Crow dueling a guy that was brainwashed by someone related to security… I’ve never seen that before… In any case, Sakaki Yuya is currently in a very unstable mood. I highly doubt I would be able to do anything with him at the moment.

    Frenchwin: I’m getting tired of you finding excuses not to do your job... Just give him some sleeping medecines.. Or I don’t know, just throw him inside a wall like you did with Sergey.

    Security scientist: But sir, Sergey’s body is strong enough to get smahed inside the wall, Sakaki Yuya will only get smahed by the well. Besides, a patient needs to be awake during an open brain surgery.

    Frenchwin: Would you please stop refuting whatever I say? What are you? A doctor?

    Security scientist: Yes! Yes I am!

    Frenchwin: Well then guess who’s the boss here?! And the boss is telling you that Sakaki Yuya is just fine! He’s just going through the classic five stages of loss. Observe by yourself: There’s denial:

    Yuya: I guess I’ll just wait here until Sam calls me so I can go prepare myself for the next duel.

    Frenchwin: Anger:

    Yuya (Enters Berserk Mode): You monsters! You’ll regret the day you decided to start tracking us Lancers down! Just wait until I get called for my next duel, and I will obliterate all of you!

    Yuto: Yuya… Egao, bro..

    Yuya: SHUT UP, YUTO!

    Frenchwin: Bargaining:

    Yuya (Exits Berserk Mode): Okay, calm down, Yuya. I’m sure Yuzu is doing just fine. She’s with Sora after all. And I shouldn’t be worrying about myself either. Security does need to let me go tomorrow. And in any case, the Council will surely notice my lack of presence and do something about it, right?

    Frenchwin: Depression:

    Yuya: I’m such a failure… Everything’s my fault… If only I stayed alongside Yuzu during the Battle Royale, none of this would’ve happened… Now she’s being tracked down by all sorts of ennemies. And the rest of my comrades are rotting inside all sorts of prisons too… My own soul is slowly rotting during every miserable day I’m spending in this disgusting world… If only Academia’s attack could come sooner so they can burn this place away and annihilate us with the rest of its nauseating population and free us from our torments…

    Frenchwin: And finally: Acceptance

    Yuya (Breathing deeply): There’s no point from getting all upset about this now. All we can do is trying to fix whatever happened in the past. I trust my friends will think of a way to get us out of this situation, and I should be doing the same too.

    Frenchwin: There. All back to normal now. Now you can start preparing yourself for the ope-

    Yuya: I guess I’ll just wait here until Sam calls me so I can go prepare myself for the next duel.

    Frenchwin: Hmm?

    Yuya (Enters Berserk Mode): You monsters! You’ll regret the day you decided to start tracking us Lancers down! Just wait until I get called for my next duel, and I will obliterate all of you!

    Frenchwin: What is happening here?

    Yuya: SHUT UP, YUTO!

    Frenchwin: Huh.. I guess he is in a very unstable state, after all… So yeah, Doctor, please go back to treating Sergey. And remember, you only have 12 minutes left now. Bye!~~ (Ends the video call)

    Security scientist: But sir...! *Sigh* Alright, fine, I’ll just rush out this brain surgery to bring this brutal colossal man into your full, unconditional control… So much for the Hippocratic Oath… Well at least I know this guy is already braindead, so I shouldn’t be worrying too much…

    (Cue to a few moments later, with Sergey - still stuck inside his wall - running around in the Security building while making lewd noises. He then trips and falls unconcious on the ground)

    (Opening sequece - Yes, this is one of those cases of the intro song starts playing halfway through the episode; don’t you love it when those occur?)

    (Meanwhile, at the Hypocrisy Cup stadium)

    Melissa: People of the Shiti! Good evening! It is I, Melissa Claire, and I’m soon gonna run out of these annoying one-liners! Our last duel for the day, and the last duel before the semi-finals will be between…. Serena!

    Serena (To herself): Alright, Serena, don’t panic. Your very first full on-screen duel will soon begin. This was bound to happen some day. I know you’re also pretty excited about it, but remember: Outside from other people’s hallucinations, you are not allowed to express any other emotion outside from being angry; you don’t want the audience to bash you for being out of character!

    Frenchwin: Aaah, isn’t she beautiful? I’m so gonna get new pictures of her for my private folder~~

    Sergey: [Incomprehensible muttering]

    Frenchwin: S-Sergey?! What are you doing here? Weren’t you being dead four floors above? And how did you manage to enter my office with that giant wall surrounding you?

    Sergey: [Incomprehensible muttering]

    Frenchwin: N-No I’m not a creepy stalker. You’re the creepy stalker!

    Melissa: Aaaaaaand… Yugo! Huh, I wonder why neither of these guys have a family name…

    Yugo (To himself): I’ve heard that there was some plot that has been going on here lately, but who cares about that? I highly doubt it has anything to do with me anyway. For the time being, all I need to do is to win this duel, for both Rin and Yuzu… Remember, Yugo, you need to fully focus on your Duel, and don’t let yourself distracted by… Hold on a second, is that… Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

    Serena: Meow?




    Reira: Tsukikage…

    Tsukikage: HONOR!

    Dennis: DENNIS!!!

    Yugo: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! I missed you so much! Where have you been?! Let me hug yo-

    Serena: Don’t you dare approach me! (punches Yugo a few meters aways from his D-Wheel)

    Yugo: But… Rin… You can’t just punch me… That’s against the rules…

    Serena: I don’t care! Try to be friendly with me again, and what I’ll do to you will be much more physically and mentally scarring than just punching you. After all, this is my Shingo punching arm, and would like to only use it against him. Oh Shingo… Poor Shingo,,, I hope everything’s going well for you down there. You’ll see, I’ll punish the man that did this to you…. … Ugh… What am I talking about?! Focus, Serena, focus… Don’t let that ridiculous ending song mess up your mind.

    Melissa: It seems that both our participants are feeling somewhat confused about some odd matters. Please concentrate on the duel you’re about to start. We have a schedule to respect, and the stadium must close soon in order to complete its reparations during the rest of the night. And remember: The Shiti is one; we’re all friends! Riding Duel: Acceleration!

    Serena: I’ll take the first turn! And I’ll… Oh come on, I should really disable the “Do not shuffle Deck” option of my Duel Disk… I was getting hyped for my first full on-screen Duel, but it looks like it won’t be the case this time either… What to do now..? Ugh, you know how this works: something somthing Yuugo hatsudo, something something something something ruined fanservicy Fusion Summon pose due to me wearing my Riding Duel Suit, something something Moonlight Cat Cancer, end my turn.

    Yugo: Hah! The power of scene cuts won’t help you this time! It’s my turn! And now, time for my late shameless commercial attempt: People of the Shiti! Buy my roids! They’re much better looking than the derpy vehicules they make in the Fusion Dimension!

    Serena: Don’t you dare mock my homeworld!

    Yugo: Oh? And what are you gonna do to me? Cardify me? Or perhaps you’re gonna hit me with this Shingo punching arm of yours?

    Serena: Don’t you dare mock me either..!

    Yugo: Pardon me, but I’m afraid I can’t hear you under all this guilt you’re feeling.


    Yugo: Anyway, he’re my new card for you folks: Hi-Speedroid Kaitor-- err, Kaitopar---err, Yep, that’s the one: Hi-Speedroid Kaitoparrazu… Oh, screw it, Hi-Speedroid Junk-looking Timegazer Magician Proxy! Huh, why do I also have a Timegazer Magician Synchro clone…? It might be due to back then, when that other me hacked into my mind… … You’re still here, right?

    Yuya: Hum…. No?

    Yugo: Please go away; you’ve already caused enough permanent brain damage.

    Yuya: Nah, don’t worry; you’ve always been this simple-minded.

    Yugo: Other me, please… You’re embarrassing me…

    Yuya: But I don’t want to… I was feeling too alone in my cold cell..

    Yuto: Egao?

    Yuya: No, Yuto. You don’t count as company.

    Yuto: Oh…

    Yugo: ...Okay, fine, you can stay here. But only you, and noone else. Also, please stay away from any brain commands and don’t mess up with my emotions.

    Yuto: Egao?

    Yuya: You heard what the man said, Yuto. You stay in our cell and make sure noone is looking at my body moving on its own as if I was playing cardgames against myself.

    Yuri: Hey.

    Yuya: Psh! Go away! I don’t even know you yet!

    Yugo: Yuya, only I am allowed to give orders inside my head.

    Yuya: But you’re not going to let him set freely set fire in your place, no?

    Yugo: Right, right. Here, I’ll take care of him. *Flushes Yuri away* Now, where was I…? Oh yeah, card games!

    (A few turns later)

    Serena: I don’t understand what’s happening!!

    Yugo: Huh? What’s the matter?

    Serena: My Deck! I keep drawing the exact same 8 cards! Writers, why do you hate me so much?!!

    Yugo: Huh. Maybe you forgot your Duel Disk on “Boss Duel” Mode?

    Serena: What’s a “Boss Duel”?

    Yugo: It’s that silly game style where you basically fight the final boss of your series and their incredibly low number of cards in their Deck.

    Serena: I don’t recall my series having a final boss..

    Yugo: Well, you entire series was a big mess (death stares from Serena), but the final boss of your show was Darkness.

    Serena: Never heard of him.

    Yugo: From GX Season 4?

    Serena: We have a Season 4?!! Professor, how many other things are you hiding from me?!! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. I-

    (And suddenly, a huge explosion)

    Serena: W-What is happening?

    Yugo: The Shiti… It’s on fire!

    Yuya: So they have finally arrived.. Huh, took them long enough.

    Yugo: How can so say this so calmly?! … Hold on, isn’t that…

    Yuri: Hey.

    Yugo: Look, dude, I’m sorry if I kicked you away earlier, but my mind can’t handle more than one other me at a times. Besides, you don’t look very friendly… Please go away… Please…? Don’t look at me like that…. Hold on, there are two Yu-bros next to a Yuzu. Fusion Rin, do you think your bracelet can do something about that?

    Serena: Yes. Hold on a second.

    Yugo: Please warp him away quickly…

    Serena: Any second now, any second now….

    (Intense bracelet glowing. And suddenly, pancakes)

    Yugo: … Those don’t seem to be very helpful for the current situation…

    Serena: Maybe. But they’re a delicious snack to have while watching the worlds crumble apart.

    Yugo: Can I have some?

    Serena: No way! Go get your own pancakes!

    Yugo: Let’s start by trying to escape this psychopath first! Let’s make our way back to the stadium!

    (Suddenly, another dimensional gate is opened, revealing Barret)

    Barret: Serena-sama!

    Serena: Oh, so you weren’t a one-shotty character after all…

    Barret: Serena-sama! I’m glad I managed to find you before that Yu-Oh, nevermind, he’s already here… In any case, let’s immediately return to the Fusion Dimension!

    Serena: No! I wanna stay here!

    Barret: As a Fusionist, I’m certain that the sight of cities being wiped out is very invigorating. But we don’t have time for this now. The Professor is awaiting you, and he has great plans for you.

    Serena: Great plans? Like what?

    Barret: I don’t know… Having you grounded in your room… Then letting you escape… Only to catch you again? Y’know, the ordinary fun stuff.


    Barret: Oh, come on! Please, Serena-sama! Show me a bit of enthusiasm!


    Moonlight Purple Butterfly (Suddenly materializing herself): Yahooooooooo!

    (End of the Episode?)

    (Also, Melissa Claire dies.)

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    Just when I thought Serena would finally not Meow~ She does!
    Also impressed by the lack of periodistic violence, almost dissapointed!

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    Yeah, there was enough needless violence this time that I thought I could give that one character a rest >.<

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    Frenchwin: I’m getting tired of you finding excuses not to do your job... Just give him some sleeping medecines.. Or I don’t know, just throw him inside a wall like you did with Sergey.
    Security scientist: But sir, Sergey’s body is strong enough to get smahed inside the wall, Sakaki Yuya will only get smahed by the well. Besides, a patient needs to be awake during an open brain surgery.
    You're good, Helix.

    And "the classic five stages of loss" part is awesome. Super comical.

    something somthing Yuugo hatsudo, something something something something ruined fanservicy Fusion Summon pose due to me wearing my Riding Duel Suit, something something Moonlight Cat Cancer, end my turn.
    It pretty much sums up Serena's dueling style.

    Oh, so you weren’t a one-shotty character after all…
    I think the writers just forgot about him. But well, he appears in the current intro, so... I guess he'll start to have a "better" role now.

    (Also, Melissa Claire dies.)
    Nooooooo! She is the most mockable MC ever! She has to live.

    Conclusion: Keep writing, Helix. It's a shame the episodes are only released weekly.

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    Come on, Helix. Wipe out the dust of this thread!

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    Episodes 87-88

    *Removes pile of dust from the thread*

    *Cough* *Cough* Welp, I'm back here. It's been a long while, hasn't it? But what can I say? Quality over quantity? Nah, I was just taking a long break >.>

    For once, since the current episode isn't technically over yet, I'll kinda be breaking my rule by making the Episodes 87-88 script, which inevitably got (partially?) altered by the events of Episode 87, as it has already aired two weeks ago, so it's kinda hard to disregard them by now <.<

    In any case, I hope you'll enjoy the read ^_^


    Narrator: Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-Vd’s:

    Serena: I’m under attack! Better prepare myself to play a card ga-

    Security Guy #1: Too late! We use drugs now!

    Serena: Wait, wha--

    Security Guy #2: Damn you, Commons!

    Security Guy #3: You are hereby under arrest!

    Security Guy #1:

    Security Guy #2:

    Security Guy #1: … Who the hell are you?

    Narrator: Back to the episode.

    (The episode starts in Frenchwin’s office, where he is having a video phone call)

    Frenchwin: So? Have you finally finished it? Sakaki Yuya’s brain surgery?

    Security Scientist: Hum… Yes sir.. He should now be completely under your control… (To himself) Don’t look directly into his eyes.. Don’t look directly into his eyes..

    Frenchwin: Perfect! See? It wasn’t that hard! How long did it take you to do it?

    Security Scientist: Hum… About five..

    Frenchwin: Five hours?! You sure took your time…

    Security Scientist: Hum… Yes sir, five hours… (To himself) He mustn’t know that I just glued on Sakaki’s helmet one of those tiny electroshockers we use on our lab rats…

    Frenchwin: Well, the important thing is that everything’s going according to our schedule. Thank you Doctor. Expect to have a raise this month.

    Security Scientist: So I’m finally going to be paid for once?! Thank you, sir. That “accidental” mention that I was a Common in my personal folder prevented me from earning my salaries for the past few months.

    Frenchwin: Yeah, it seems like that occasionally occurs to the people I do not like.. Well now, let’s prepare ourself to fool the Shiti once more!

    Security Scientist: Yeah… Say, sir, are you really sure you want to do this?

    Frenchwin: Hmm? What’s the matter now?

    Security Scientist: I mean… Things might not end up turning the way you were expecting them to…

    Frenchwin: Well, I have one extra week to think about the consequence, so I don’t care about those for now. But even then, don’t worry, Doctor, I am 100% confident that there will absolutely be no repercussions to our actions here.

    (Meanwhile, on a boat somewhere around in the Shiti)

    Yuri: Hey.

    (Opening sequence)

    (Meanwhile, in the Hyprocrisy Cup Stadium)

    Melissa: People of the Shiti! Good evening once again! This is Melissa Claire, and if you thought you were going to escape my presence for the night, jokes on you! The Semi-Finals of the Fortune Cup will begin now, and will be commence with the epic battle between the Plot Armor and the Marketing one! Please welcome… Sakaki Yuya!

    Common #1: Boooo! It’s the traitor again!

    Common #2: You’ll pay for what you’ve done to Shinji! We all hate you!

    Common #3: Hold on a second… Aren’t we an over-competitive society?

    Common #2: Yeah. So what?

    Common #3: Well, Sakaki Yuya did beat Shinji, therefore even if we don’t like Yuya, he is still unquestionably better than Shinji, So if there’s someone to hate here, it’s Shinji.

    Common #2: Oh… Right… Hey guys! Let’s all hate Shinji instead now!

    Melissa: Aaaand… Crow Hogan!

    Crow (To himself): Good Nordic Gods, people… Can’t you make up your minds on a single idea..? ...Wait, I can’t either… Which reminds me that I need to apologize to Yuya. Also, I overall have a bad feeling about this Duel. So far, every time I have a Duel on-screen, my kids end up finding themselves in trouble. I wonder how deep they’ll be this time…

    (Meanwhile, in Trash Town)

    Frank: So, why are we staying here again?

    Tsukikage: As I have already told you, I needed to hide you in a secure location.

    Frank: Doesn’t seem very secure to me…

    Amanda: Yeah, doesn’t Security have any sort of control over the Underground? Won’t they be looking for us here as well?

    Tsukikage: Uhm… But…

    Amanda: Also, weren’t you initially stuck here? Don’t you think they’ll be, at the very least, searching for clues for how you managed to escape?

    Tsukikage: It… doesn’t matter. Again, this is part of Mr. Reiji’s plan!

    Yuzu: I wonder how long it would take before anyone notices our presence he-


    Yuzu: Huh. Only half a minute. Good job, Tsukikage.

    Tsukikage: D-Don’t worry about it.. It’s… It’s part of Mr. Reiji’s plan..

    Yuzu: Well, at least it’s a friend who found us, and not a-

    Underground Worker#1: Did someone mention the Ninja and Hiragi Yuzu being here?

    Underground Worker#2: Quick! Someone call the Security!

    Underground Worker#3: Don’t worry guys! They’re already here investigating the area.

    Yuzu: ...Was that also part of your Mr.Reiji’s plan?

    Tsukikage: Yes.. Yes it was..

    Yuzu: Is there anything that is bound to happen that isn’t part of your Mr. Reiji’s plan?

    Tsukikage: Well, see by yourself. (Turns on his Duel Disk and gives it to Yuzu after opening the Agenda App)

    Yuzu: I see… Hey! Isn’t that…The plot?! So there’s someone out there that knows what the hell is going on here?! Huh.. Good to know, I suppose.. But the whole thing is… is…

    Tsukikage: Disappointing?

    Yuzu: Nah, I’ve seen worse. (Glares at Shun who arrived alongside the rest of the trapped Lancers, Tokumatsu, and that other guy - I can’t remember his name)

    Shun: Uhm… Ruri?

    Tsukikage: In any case, I need to back to the surface. According the Mr. Reiji’s plans, I need to go save Serena or something like that. Northing surprising, really. That lady can act as badass as she wants, but she can’t handle anything by herself properly. The one thing she’s capable of doing is escaping her problems, but she isn’t even that good at that.

    Shun (Getting angry): ...What did you just say about Fusion Ruri?!

    Tsukikage: The truth. Bye now. (Ninja’s away)

    Yuzu: Well then, it seems like all my friends that got ejected from the Friendship cup are here. Hmm… Although I don’t recognize this guy with the purple and blue hair..

    Butthurt Shinji: Oh, hi, my name’s Shi-

    Yuzu: Oh well, I guess you’re not very important to the plot. Or maybe you aren’t important at all? Heh. Moving on anyway.

    (Meanwhile, back at the surface)

    Crow: Uhm… Hey Yuya..

    Yuya (Coldly): Hi Crow.

    Crow: Uhm… I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry.

    Yuya: Apologies accepted.

    Crow: I mean, I immediately started treating you as a Topsie Scum the moment Roger said so.


    Crow: And I hate Roger. So there really wasn’t any reason for me to believe what he said about you, because you’re my friend. Right?

    Yuya: … …

    Crow: Shinji too is my friend. In fact, he’s my best friend.

    Yuya: … … …

    Crow: So when Roger arrested him, I was ready to blame that on anyone else, and you happened to be an easy target at the time. But at least we’re on good terms again now, right?

    Yuya: … … … ...

    Crow: So let’s have a fun and fair Duel, okay? But please don’t your protag skillz on me, okay?

    Yuya: … … … … …

    Crow: Also, Dueling is a serious business, so please start showing off your Entertainment Dueling. And even if you do, I won’t take part in it.

    Yuya: … … … … ... …

    Crow: Heh. Imagine if I suddenly started having Entertainment Blackwings? What would my customers think of me? Hahaha!

    Yuya: … … … … … … …

    Crow: Besides, food is more important, right?

    Yuya (Enters Berserk Mode): That’s it! I’ve heard enough! (Drives at full speed)

    Melissa: Hey! Hold on! I haven’t given you the signal yet! The Shiti is one. We’re all f- (Crow follows Yuya) Ugh, why am I even trying..?

    (Meanwhile, back at the Security Office)

    Frenchwin: Glorious! It seems like the mind control chip is working perfectly! Good job, Doctor.

    Security Scientist: But sir… I haven’t turned it on yet.. In fact, I’m not even sure I can turn it on since I didn’t place any batteries inside it.

    Frenchwin: Don’t be too concerned about those tiny details. The chip is working, and that’s all that matters!

    Security Scientist: If… If you say so..

    Frenchwin: But you know what would’ve been fun? Having actual control over Sakaki Yuya’s actions, and not just making him get randomly angry. I mean, what’s the point of having someone with unlimited potential under your command, if the only command you have over him is making him upset? But again, those are just some tiny details for now, so let’s just appreciate the view for now.

    Security Lady: Sir, we have received several reports about Yugo randomly screaming in the street.

    Frenchwin: Good, good, Arrest him at once, and let me enjoy my sh-

    Security Lady: Sir, we have also received several reports about some kid on a boat in the middle of the Shiti lake screaming his lungs out as well.

    Frenchwin: Good to know, but I don’t care for now. Even if they’re being annoying, It’s just a kid; they won’t do any harm. Now, if you excuse me, I really want to watch this Duel. Look at it! How glorious is it, the ferocious power that lies dormant inside of Sakaki Yuya!! ... Huh. All this anger kinda reminds of that other guy… who happens to look a lot like Yuya… … … (Stays silent for a handful more minutes, trying to connect the dots)...Oh dear Super Fusion God, what have I done?!! Quick, Doctor, turn off the mind control immediately!!

    Security Scientist: But sir.. It’s already turned off..

    Frenchwin: I don’t care! Just make Sakaki Yuya calm down now!

    Security Scientist: I’m telling you, sir, there is nothing I can do to stop this..

    Frenchwin: Do you think your assistant can help you find a solution?

    Akutsu (Spinning around himself): MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEENTUM~~!

    Security Scientist: I don’t think he can, no..

    Frenchwin: That’s is, then… We’re all doomed…

    (Meanwhile, back at the Stadium)

    Yuya: And now, by using the same repetitive combo as it pretty much is the only way for me to pull this, I Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon! Now, Odd-Eyes Rebellion! Savagely drain away Crow’s Life!... And Life Points too, if you feel like it. But first, I want you to take care of this! (Points towards a helicopter)

    Melissa: Hey, why is the dragon approaching us? H-Hey! Stay away from me; I’m not part of this Due-


    Crow: … I would get terrified by this view, but we’re pretty much used to it by now… More importantly, I need to calm down Yuya for real this time.. Perhaps I need to apologize to him a lot more?

    ???: Hey! You there!

    Crow: W-What? Who is calling me? What is calling me? Could it be… the Mark of the Drago-no wait, I don’t have one of these here.. So, who’s calling me?

    ???: Hey! Over here!

    (Sora appears at the top of the Stadium)

    Sora: Hey! Listen to me! Yuya’s being under…

    Crow: What?!

    Sora: I said: Yuya’s being under the…

    Crow: I can’t really hear what you’re saying from here, kid!!

    Sora: Oh.. Right. Hmm.. What to do, then?.. Wait, I can try to.. (Waves Yuzu’s helmet) It’s a good thing I still had this on me..

    Crow: A helmet? What does he mean by that? Could it be…? Hey, Kid! Are you telling me that Roger placed a mind control chip inside Yuya’s helmet?!

    Sora: Huh. I didn’t expect him to get it that quickly.. Yes! That’s what I meant!

    Crow: What?!

    Sora: I said: Yes, that’s what I meant!

    Crow: I still can't hear you, but you look pretty angry! ...Huh. It seems I guessed wrong. But then, what did he mean?... Hey, hold on a second! Yuya, have you been using the same helmet since the beginning of the Friendship Cup, even after that accident you had against Jack? No wonder you’re feeling so upset! Hold on buddy, I’ve got a spare helmet for you! Well, it used to be Shinji’s, but you can have it now.

    Yuya: Don’t you dare approach me!

    (Odd-Eyes Rebellion backstabs Crow with its long fangs)

    Yuya (Exits Berserk Mode): Ah. Feeling much better now.

    Crow: I’m dying…

    Yuya: Serves you right, Crow. Well then, I guess I won the Duel. Hurray! Only one more Duel to go, then I’ll finally get to have my rematch against Jack! Speaking of Jack: Where is he? I’m not seeing him on his throne..

    (Meanwhile, elsewhere)

    Jack (Running away): Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope… Yusei, where are you?! This place is scary!! D’:

    (Meanwhile, back in the Security Office)

    Frenchwin: It’s alright, Jean-Michel. Don’t panic.. This experiment went wrong, but you can still fix it, right?

    Security Lady: Sir, it seems that Akaba Reiji is approaching our officers stationned near the Stadium’s entrance.

    Frenchwin: Ugh.. Just have Sergey take care of him..

    Security Lady: Also, that screaming kid from earlier is quickly approaching our Headquarters. He looks rather upset.

    Frenchwin (Sweating): Well… It’s fine… I can handle one kid alone… right?

    Security Lady: Sir, I have also received reports regarding several reports regarding multiple troupes of teenagers wearing strange outfits suddenly appearing on multiple streets of the Shiti.

    Frenchwin (Sweating even more): Them too already..? I can’t handle this plot… But maybe he can… Sakaki Yuya… If we can take control of him again… Maybe he will…(Frenchwin’s Duel Disk starts beeping) A new message? It’s from Yuya! What does it sa-(“You’re next.”) … … … (Bursts into tears)

    (End of the Episode)
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