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Thread: Archfiend Deck (uber-budget)

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    Archfiend Deck (uber-budget)

    Archfiend Emperor - The First Lord of Horror x2
    Archfiend Commander x2
    Archfiend Cavalry x2
    Archfiend Heiress x3
    Archfiend General x2
    Terrorking Archfiend x2
    Desrook Archfiend x2
    Infernalqueen Archfiend x2
    Tour Guide from the Underworld x1
    Archfiend Soldier x2
    Rescue Rabbit x1

    Hidden Armory x2
    Pandemonium x3
    Falling Down x3
    MST x2
    Pot of Duality x3
    Foolish Burial x1
    Soul Charge x1

    Call of the Haunted x2
    Archfiend's Roar x2

    Uber-cheap, uber-basic Archfiend deck using cards that I had lying around. No extra, because I don't have the cards to spare, unfortunately. Suggestions?
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