Pop quiz! What are the two major weaknesses of the U.A. deck? Think about that for a second. I'll let you.

The answers are lack of play if you don't draw RotA or Midfielder, and that the Extra Deck is mostly unneeded. Do you know what helps to alleviate both of these problems? Well, you already read the title of the thread and probably looked at the decklist, so I hope you do. Speedroids! Not only can they swarm rather quickly, but they have some decent searching options, Xyz options, and even Synchro options. Nothing quite as fun as summoning Tatsunoko and your opponent's jaw dropping as you make a play from your otherwise dead hand. But do you want to know the real kicker? You have it. You have the one needed godsend for the deck. Beatrice is one of the godsends of the OCG, as it opens up the most easy and consistent way to send your Penalty Box to the Graveyard, and she also summons an even stronger beater when your opponent overcomes her, all without the crummy side effect of it not being able to use the effect the turn it is summoned!

But wait, there's more. U.A. Rival Rebounder, a rather awful card in a pure U.A. deck gets a significant boost in usability with this, as well. When Normal Summoned, his effect triggers. Konami thought they were being cheeky when they included that one, I'll bet. I wish that there was more space for extra copies of Goalkeeper for consistency's sake, but you'd be surprised how hard it was to fit another copy even into the Side Deck. Space is pretty tight, but the deck has leagues (sports pun) more consistency than you'd expect from a U.A. deck.

Who says clowns and circuses have to be the only source of entertaining? Who doesn't love toys? Who doesn't love sports? (technically YGO could be considered a sport, too). Entertaining dueling is a broader concept than you once thought, huh?