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Thread: ARC-V Episode 128 Discussion: Where is Ritual Summoning?

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    Yusho be like:
    Spoiler Alert!

    Wait, wait, wait, hold on... Are you saying that the condom actually wasn't broken at that time...? WTF, my whole life is a lie!

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    Interesting episode. As it's already been mentioned numerous times, the art was not good at all. Hopefully it's better next time.

    -First time I've seen Reiji shocked or a bit uncertain in this show. He was thrown off by his father's moves and Yuya going all Awakened/Berserk is confusing him as well. And on top of that, his father that was never there for him now giving him lectures on how to prepare in life. Oh my that's ironic

    -I'm intrigued by Leo's deck. Spirit Reactor's effects (if you read them on the Wikia) are pretty good but most of it will probably be changed unfortunately. Idk though, Leo and his deck just don't feel like big bad boss material to me. I shouldn't rush to judge though

    -Yusho also struggling inside caught my attention. So Zarc and his magic toyed with Yusho's mind to the point where Yusho thought him and his wife brought Yuya into this world by birth? Wow that's quite deep. It feels like if Yusho duels, it's going to be against Yuya because he seems to be considering Leo's precautions and the fact that Yuya is going Berserk in front of him.

    -The Gatlinghoul shooting was pretty intense. Definitely showed that Yuya is growing closer to the dark side
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