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Thread: Concept: Boss mode Challenge

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    Concept: Boss mode Challenge

    something I thought I'd share, mostly out of boredom
    anyone here familiar with the Boss duels?
    if not then here you go

    Well, when that first became I thing I told my friends of it. they liked the idea and we made some modified version that allowed for an actual Boss Mode version of a regular deck. for example,
    Construct took control of 1 monster from each field on summon (referencing DT Story of what it did to make the other El Shaddolls)
    Shadoll Fusions can be played more than once per turn
    Monsters can be flip summoned on the turn they were set

    anyway, going through my collectiion here, trying to sort things for the first time. I noticed....I have a FUCKLOAD of Gorgonic Guardian. and I mean more than I should, even for a common.

    I thought "geez I got more of these fuckers than Vectors Army did, would be nice to use them but-..."

    no points for guess what I thought of next.

    Gorgon Legion
    Gorgon player has no life and can only lose when their Extra deck is empty and control no monsters
    Extra deck size is unlimited, but can only contain Gorgonic Guardian. How many is to be decided by the players before the duel
    Gorgonic Guardian can just be summoned from the extra once per turn
    On summon, summons another Gorgon
    On leaving the field, Floats into another Gorgon
    Gorgons take the top 2 cards each as xyz materials on summon
    Their summoning cannot be prevented or negated (ie fuck off floodgates) but can be responded to
    Gorgons gain 200 ATK per xyz material on your field (to keep something bigger and untergettable form laughing at the army, unless it's Obelisk-Big)

    Main deck cannot contain monsters. Gorgons only. All spells and Traps must support Gorgons. (xyz territory is fine, Raigeki is not. The Gorgons have to be doing the work at the end of the day).
    if the main deck is emtpy, shuffle all non-gorgons in the grave into it

    basically, Players VS A legion of Gorgonic Guardians. they win when they kill them all, and can then brag they did a better job than Shark.
    If the Legion wins, have Vectorface ready

    This idea is about an hour old, anyone see obvious things that need to be patched out?
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    Here's another one, based off of making the ZeXal Weapons actually useful.
    - "Number" monsters can only be destroyed in battle with other "Number" monsters.
    - The boss player's deck is made up of 1 Gagaga Magician, 1 Goblindburg, and as many Utopia support cards as they want, inclusing ZW, ZS, applicable RUMS, and whatnot. Their extra deck is all Utopia variants.
    - The boss starts with Goblindburg and gagaga magician in their opening hand. Their first move is summoning Utopia, then tricking it out with all their support cards.
    - If Utopia dies, the boss may shuffle 2 cards from their hand into the deck, mill 2 cards, then add the magician and goblin back to their hand so they can summon another one.
    - The boss has no life points, but they do lose if they don't control a Utopia or Utopic monster at the end of their turn.
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