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Thread: How would I have written.... Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's ?

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    Regarding Ruka, what they could have done aside from giving her more focus, is giving her a deck of Fairies that makes use of Field Spells, doesn't matter whether the field changes constantly or not (so that her deck is also usable in a Riding Duel). I'd change Regulus into Fairy instead of Beast. At least her deck would be more coherent that way.

    Nettles, Spore, and Rose Bird would be Aki's cards. Stick to Fairy & Field Spells for Ruka. Which also means Ruka's fanmade card would be different, something that's a Fairy instead. Like seriously, why the winner card for Ruka has to be a rose-themed bird of all things?

    I'd also add another LIGHT Synchro ace for her, since it doesn't make any sense that her deck already has a Tuner before she gets Ancient Fairy back, yet we don't see any other Synchro from her. Preferably, one that is usable in a Riding Duel, since Ancient Fairy is more suitable for a Ground Duel.
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