I play a bunch of games, very casually.For a while I was just using my Yu-Gi-Oh mat for all of them, but there were things about it that we unsatisfying. So, I decided to make a new mat, based on the same idea:

- For Yu-Gi-Oh, everything is set up like it was pre-Arc-V, because I liked the grid format it had before and I didn't like how the pendulum scales messed it up. Instead, they get their own row. It's the game I play with the most dedicated zones, so it's the basis of the mat in general.
- For Vanguard, the middle three monster zones are the front row, and likewise the middle 3 spell/trap zones are the back row. I originally wanted the vanguard circle to use the real vanguard circle emblem, but that proved too difficult to draw properly, so I just made it a hexagram. To the left of it, there are lines demarcating the damage zone. The g deck goes above that, with the blue pendulum zone being where the flipped g units go.
- Buddyfight uses basically the same mat as vanguard, so I didn't need to add anything for that. The two spots adjacent to the middle were made hexagons as a nod to he buddyfight mat.
- Neither Magic nor Force of Will uses a lot of specific zones, so I didn't need to do anything for either of those.
- To add symmetry, the two spots opposite to the damage zone I turned into a life counter, useful for Buddyfight, Magic, and Force of Will.

I made a couple of mistakes the first time I made it, which is why the blue pendulum zone is a bit blurry. But I am happy with the design.