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Thread: Entermate Rank Up

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    Entermate Rank Up

    So, I was bored and wanted to see what Xyz monsters you could possibly summon if your hand contains Entermate Monkeyboard, Rank-Up Magic Astral Force and any high Scale. Monkeyboard will search for Pendulum Magician. When SSd: Destroys Scales and searches Skullcrobat. Skullcrobat is able to search out a shitton of cards. If Magician and Joker are used for Outer God Nyarla, it can discard up to 5 cards, increasing its Rank up to 9. And with the big variity of Entermages, Magicians and Odd-Eyes' Skullcrobat can search, Nyarla can copy discarded Attributes so Astral Force can rank it up into some many Xyzes. Here is the list:
    Abyss Gaios
    Frozen Lady Justice
    Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger
    72: Shogi Rock
    99: Hope Dragoon
    C107: Neo Tachyon
    107: Tachyon
    Galaxy Eyes Prime Photon
    Neo Galaxy Eyes
    Galaxy Eyes Full Armor
    Galaxy Eyes Dark Matter
    46: Dragluun
    Hieratic Sun Dragon
    Thunder End Dragon
    C92: Chaos Heart Earth
    92: Heart Earth
    Odd-Eyes Rebellion
    Red-Eyes Metal Flare
    Cxyz Simon
    Hierophrant of Prophecy
    Illusion Magician
    Full Armored Crystal Zero

    And the more shit Yuya gets the bigger this list will be.... That's it.

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    Cool idea, I was going to test something along those lines with performages number deck with Utopia Kaiser, I'll give this a shot as well



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