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    Super Smash Bros Melee

    So tomorrow (Friday) is the first day of The Big House 5, an international-level SSBM tournament so I thought I'd make this thread.

    It will be streamed on as well as tomorrow/Sat/Sun evening, so be on the lookout!

    A brief introduction: You're probably aware of Super Smash Bros as a series and you've probably played it. What you may not know is the unbelievably high level that competitive Smash is played at.

    This is a close game from The Big House 4 last year. Melee has gotten even faster and more advanced since last year so if you want to see stuff like this, definitely set aside some time this weekend to watch TBH5.

    A potential FAQ:

    Why Melee and not Smash 4?

    Smash 4 will be streamed as well. Melee and Smash 4 are very different games, although they are both platform fighters in the SSB series. Most notably, Melee rewards approaching more aggressively and has tons of movement options that are not present in Smash 4 (most notoriously, wavedashing).

    Isn't Melee just no items Fox only Final Destination?

    "No items" is true, but the other two parts are false. Ever since that meme came out, the other top characters (Falco, Marth, Sheik, Peach, Jigglypuff) have closed the gap so there are actually the same amount of viable characters as in Smash 4. And Final Destination is not so common because of how heavily it favors Marth and Falco.

    Additionally, even though there are lots of Foxes at top level, they're so different from each other that it's possible to identify a player just by how he plays Fox.

    Some people say Melee is like anime in real life, and I don't disagree with that. People are training and fighting their hearts out just to prove they're the best. It's like Dragonball meets Jojo.
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