Ep starts with a scene from 5 years ago, the Hanoi Knights are trying the destroy the Cyberse world and capture seemingly of the mysterious AIs except Ignis (I don't know why the promotional material hid his name if they were going to uncerimoniously reveal it before the intro). Ignis runs away and absorbs that world, but a Cracking Dragon gets him, destroying everything but his eye. The eyes escapes and 5 years later, we see a scene of Playmaker beating a Hanoi then watch the opening.

Next up, we see Yusaku waking up after sleeping in class. Everyone but Naoki already left. Naoki approaches him to show off his cool new Duel Disk with an AI and provide exposition about what the Link VRAINS is. Yusaku listens aloofly (and checks to confirmed to no photos of the Playmaker are circulating to the public). Naoki offers to teach Yusaku how to duel, but he refuses makes jerkish analysis showing three points that prove Naoki is a weak Duelist:
1. He acts too arrogant.
2. He admited he never went to the Link VRAINS due to lack of confidence in his skills.
3. He didn't try to analise Yusaku at all.
Of course, our protag is not a complete asshole, so his analysis also includes three points to prove Naoki is a good person:
1. (Forgot this one and can't recheck the episode right now)
2. He is dedicated enough to buy the newest Duel Disk as soon as it releases.
3. He started conversation with someone he assumed to be lonely.

Later we see a scene of Akira and Specter reporting to their superiors, Bishop and Revolver, respectively. They both give the same order of finding Ignis.

Next we see Yusaku chilling at Kusanagi's hot stand, close to where Gou and Aoi are scheduled to duel. Kusanagi's asks if Yusaku ever heard of the Data Storm and the answer is no. He says the Data Storm was a wind that was super popular years ago because the Duelist would perform Speed Duels riding the wind, but then that suddenly stopped happening and people are now forgetting about. He comments to Yusaku "Maybe if played there, you could start to enjoy Dueling". Yusaku seems not care and replies that he doesn't really need to enjoy Dueling, he only need to use it to destroy the Hanoi Knights because "revenge against the ones who ruined me and your brother's past, Kusanagi-san". I no longer think Kusanagi is going to be a traitor btw.

Next up, Ignis is found by SOL Technologies (how did this dumbass manage to escape for 5 years like that?) and they starting leading a search. Our duo and the Hanoi Knights quickly notice it too. The Hanoi starting giving chase while Yusaku is one step ahead and prepares a trap. Bishop orders Akira to use all their resources to catch Ignis, but Akira says it's a bad idea because that means lowering the security and the Hanoi could notice and attack. Bishop doesn't care and reminds Akira of their priorities. Akira lowers the security and the Hanoi immediately notice and attack, just as he said they would.

A Hanoi Knight corners Ignis into Yusaku's trap. Now that he has his trump card against his enemies, he turns into the Playmaker and exposes his catch. He says he converted Ignis into a Duel Program, so they only way to take it from him is by beating him in a Duel. The Hanoi takes the challenge, much to Ignis' despair. Ignis tells Yusaku "Yo, his dragon is strong, I don't think you can win with this deck". Yusaku says he should be praying for his victory in that case. Ignis replies that would rather do the modifications necessary to ensure his win. He seemingly modifies Yusaku's Deck and starts a Data Storm, giving Yusaka a board to ride the wind with. The first episode without a Duel. This never happened before and this makes me assume VRAINS will be more plot-heavy than the other Yugiohs.