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Thread: Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Episode 5

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Episode 5

    In which Cyberse set themselves up for a victory clash.

    Another long story somewhat short, the match between Goukis and Cyberse continue, climax, and conclude. As potentially predicted, Yusaku's Trap saves him by reducing The Greatv Ogre's ATK just enough to leave him with 100LPs left.

    Yusaku takes his turn, but not before deciding to ride the Duel out to its conclusion, purposefully bypassing an escape route that was laid bare before him. This endears Go to Playmaker in the process. Also, it seems SOL (read: Complex, the Big Brother) may not be too happy with how things are going on Go's end.

    What follows is a rather impressive array of Summons, beginning with Draconnet and ending with a Field of 3 Link Monsters in the Main Monster Zone. Not only does Yusaku find time to show off Link Spider, and its effect, as well as flippin' Honey Bot (so yes, he did indeed use more of the Starter Deck cards; in fact, he's used all but 2 at this point: Cynet Universe and RAM Clouder), but Yusaku even found the time to show off a new, never-before-seen Link Monster, Link Bumper, that he received courtesy of a nearby Data Storm.

    Together, these arrangement of Monsters, along with the Equip Spell Cyberse Annihilation, allows him to wear down Go's field. Go tries to set up for next turn by using his Goukis' search effects, but alas, it doesn't pan out, and Yusaku wins.

    In spite of his loss, Go comes out of it for the better, taking it like a champ. He also rediscovers his bond with the orphan kids he set out to regain, and the episode closes on his happiness.

    (Maybe I'll actually talk about how I felt on the episode later this time. Hopefully.)
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