Sup folks?! I managed to make it down to the local Walmart and after getting some oil for my vehicle and maneuvering my way through obese people on scooters, I found myself again at the trading card section near the liquor cabinet. So I picked out a fifth of Fireball whiskey, then I grabbed 26 random blister packs, which included Dimensional Guardians, Fusion Enforcers, Raging Tempest, and Maximum Crisis. After picking those out, I turned around back to the liquor cabinet and got a fifth of Monarch vodka. It's so cheap the bottle is plastic! I set off like 4 alarms trying to leave, I paid for everything! The greeters hate me because they always have to count how many packs I bought and they review my liquor selections. Anyways, I get some really great pulls, Walmart never lets me down, just like Rick Astley!! Please enjoy!

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Always remember to drink and play Yugioh responsibly!
Filmed deep in the woods at the foothills of the Cascade mountains outside of Ravensdale, Washington, I, the main man, aka MajorRiot, of LastBestHope, drink beer, open up various Yu-Gi-Oh products while talking about the greatest card game ever, Yugioh and all the ridiculous, fast paced summoning and first turn unbreakable boards. Relive classic sets from all generations of Yu-Gi-Oh and experience first hand accounts and reactions to the cards and card news from a redneck living in the woods. If you like slightly drunk and nuanced Yu-Gi-Oh box openings, and redneck junkyard beer drinking truck driving moonshine bonfire blue collar raccoon cartoon face, then this channel is for you! Please subscribe for more box openings and more beer drinking!