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Thread: [DBSW] Shadow Six Samurai – Fuhma

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baroque View Post
    It also helps matters that this is a Level 1 monster, meaning One for One could be used to deploy it.

    But yes, it being Level 1 is primarily useful for pairing with the wealth of Level 4 monsters Six Samurai have (including one that doesn't take up a Normal Summon, Kizan) to make Shi En easier. Or, for that matter, you could use it with Asceticism going the other way, using it to field Kageki (which would be of use if you had the Shien Xyz out, *or* a Lv2 Tuner for whatever reason, or any number of other reasons) and then letting Asceticism pop it to let you search, say, Grandmaster or Kagemusha. Or you could revive him with Return of the Six Samurai or Double-Edged Sword Technique (the former possibly as an emergency tactic, the latter as a means to an end -- revive him and something you'd need to Synch for Shi En w/ another Tuner you have, SS Shien then Sync Shi En and then by turn's end your Fuhma will be grabbing you a Grandmaster to be buddy-buddy with your Nobunaga expys).

    There's definitely ways to use this fella well, ya just gotta think outside the box.
    It's surprising that people don't think outside the box with these. The pace has certainly changed, but Six Sams have always used unorthodox combos.

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    Guess Lithium has not made the video. :P

    EDIT: Taking a peek at pojo people are coming up with True King + Six Sam combos.
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