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Thread: YGOrg Forum Rules *READ BEFORE POSTING*

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    The forum rules are broken down into two categories, "General Rules" and "Posting Guidelines". Breaking any of the "General Rules" will either get you a warning, or points on your account (these are called infractions); "Posting guidelines" on the other hand outline the sort of behavior we expect on YGOrg. We won't be so strict with these, but if you do continually ignore them and it begins to disrupt the forums, warnings may be issued and eventually infractions.

    Here are Forum Rules:

    General Rules:
    The rules below are enforced with warnings and infractions and will be delt with on a case by case basis. (A new member breaking a rule will usually be treated more sympathetically than a member who has been here long enough to know better.)
    While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate personal attacks, racial/sexual slurs, threats, or purposely inflammatory posts. Posts of an abusive or hateful nature have no place here.
    Bullying other members will not be tolerated at the org. If you have issues with another member please just use the "Ignore" feature. This can be enabled from the member's public profile page.
    Links to your personal websites can be posted; in your signature, or on your profile. Don't advertise your website by private message or by using social groups. If you receive any spam or advertisements in this way, please alert a member of staff.
    You cannot post ROMs or other illegal programs on this site. If you need a certain ROM, that's a private issue, and should not be requested on the forum.
    If you have something illegal or have done something illegal, please do not post about it here.
    Alternate accounts are not allowed. If you have a family member or friend join on the same IP, please make the staff aware when they register.
    Taking advantage of loop holes such as bypassing word censors is not allowed. Report these issues to the staff. Using special BB code or features intended for staff use only, is not allowed.
    Attempting to breach security, or abusing potential security issues is a very serious offense and will be treated as such.
    Spammers and Trolls joining solely for the purpose of disrupting the forums will receive an instant and permanent ban.
    Also while these rules cover most common situations, we cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. Anyone who continues to willfully violate the forum rules will be banned. If you are banned do not register with another account.

    Posting Guidelines and Etiquette
    Though it's unlikely member will be punished for breaking any of these rules, if they are persistently ignored a warning may be issued.
    Try to use correct grammar and spelling.
    Keep the chat speak down. (In other words, "l4m3r, OMFG, ROFL!11")
    Turn off CAPS LOCK.
    If you have a problem with another member of the forums, try to settle it in private messages to avoid disrupting a thread
    Do not double post! Please just use the edit button.
    Bumping old threads is not allowed unless you have a genuine contribution.
    Respect the other forum members. We all have our own opinions so respect that people may see things differently to you. You don't have to change someone's opinion to state your own. Arguments are inevitable but remember that it's usually not worth the drama. The internet isn't really serious business.
    Respect decisions made by mods and admins, if they edit/delete one of your topics or posts, do not recreate it. However if you feel you've been treated unfairly please PM an administrator to discuss the matter further.
    Please use the search button at the top of the screen before you make a topic. If there is already a topic on the first new pages of the forum, post in that one.
    Please refrain from posting meaningless threads or, short nonsense posts (In other words spam) Make sure your posts have something that people want to read.
    Multiple or repeated posting, in order to increase your post count is not allowed.
    If your post gives away spoilers to a game/ movie, please use the spoiler tag when you post. [spoiler]
    If you see something that needs to be brought to a staff member's attention, use the "report a post" button rather than disrupting the thread with posts like "Spam!" and "InBeforeTheLock" The report post button will help the staff to resolve any issues quickly. The positive use of this feature could be a factor in selecting future staff members.
    Avoid posting " I'm leaving" threads, 90% of the time members are back after a few days. It doesn't look good for new members to see a list of people leaving when they make their first post in the lobby
    Please be kind and welcoming to new members, we were all new once. Give them the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. If they believe that they've found a new combo first themselves, please let them down gently.
    Do not create topics with a one word post. i.e "Discuss" If you are interested enough in the topic then you should have something to say. These topics will be deleted.

    YGOrg Chat/Profiles/Albums/Groups
    These all follow the same guidelines and rules as the forums.

    This is how the infraction system works:

    When a Mod or Admin issues an infraction or a warning, they will have to fill in a small form. In a PM you will be told which of your posts broke one of the rules and why it was issued. (Infractions can also be issued on you member profile) A thread will also be automatically created in the staff forum so that we're all aware of the situation. Infractions will stay on your account for 1-2 months so if you keep getting them within that time, the points will add up and you will automatically be issued one of the punishments below, depending on the amount of points you have received.

    5 | 1 Week Suspension
    10 | 1 Month Suspension
    15 | Moderated Usergroup (This means limited privileges and your posts will have to be approved by a moderator, before others can see them. You'll stay in this group until your posting has improved)
    20 | Permanent Ban

    Here are a few examples just to give you an idea of how it works.

    Title: Harassing a user
    Points: 1
    Expires: 1 Month (How long this will stay on your account for)
    Warning First: Yes

    Title: Alternate account
    Points: 5 (Five points would get you suspended for a week)
    Expires: 2 Months
    Warning First: No

    Title: Attempting to vandalize or hack YGOrg
    Points: 20
    Expires: Never
    Warning First: No

    Unless you're really bad it will take quite a few warnings or infractions to get any sort of punishment. Your infractions are private and we will keep it that way, staff will never discuss your infractions with other members of the forum. If you feel you were issued an infraction unfairly, please PM an administrator and it will be discussed among the staff.
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    Addendum 1:

    > Thou shalt not use neon green nor hot pink nor bright yellow text.
    > Thou shalt not make your text unnecessarily huge



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