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Thread: Your Top 50 Anime/Manga Spell/Trap cards wishlist

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    Your Top 50 Anime/Manga Spell/Trap cards wishlist

    So, whenever Konami makes anime/manga cards into real cards, priority always goes to the monsters, with Spells and Traps being secondary, even when some of those are key to certain strategies. There may be 25 anime monsters in a main set, yet only 8 slots devoted to both Spell and Trap cards together. This year's Collectors Pack had a total of 4 Spell/Trap cards out of a 45 card set.

    So what are your Top 50 Spell/Trap cards you want to see come out? (You can include them as associated with monsters that you also want out).

    Make a list, and share your thoughts. I'll be making mine as well.

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    Subspace Battle: The sheer potential for mind games with this card is beautiful to consider.
    Jurassic Heart: Dinosaur, what more do I need to say.
    Spirit Sword of Sealing: Bakura card that also functions as temporary removal.
    Cards of Adversity: I LOVE this card.
    Card Hexative: Another classic from R.
    Level Resist Wall: This should so be a thing.
    Ebon Sun: I'm gonna be honest, I'm just picking this because of the bitchin' name.
    Neospace Wave: Mass Neo-Spacian summoning? Yes please.
    Delta Barrier: From my favourite GX duel off all time.
    Triangle Force: See above.
    Dual Gate: And again.
    Reincarnation of Hope: I've always liked this card, even if it's probably underpowered.
    High Speed Aria: It's part of a climactic movie moment, how can it not be a thing?
    Cubic Ascension: Cubic would LOVE this.
    Orichalcum Chain: I LOVE this thing, especially since it showed up more than once.
    Attack Guidance Armour: A classic Kaiba card.
    Avalanche: This one was in a dinosaur duel, but it's a cool card on its own.
    Yellow Alert: This is more from back in the day, but I rather like it.
    Battle Simulation: Another recurring card that I'm fond of.
    Armoured Xyz: This could be an interesting little card.
    Full Armoured Xyz: Same for this.
    Speedraw: Give Speedroids SOMETHING.
    Ancient Gear Scrap Fusion: Best potential Fusion Spell for these guys.
    Cipher Interference: HOW IS THIS NOT A THING?!
    Raidraptor - Symbol: Moar searching for the win.
    Raptor's Storm: Moar negation for the win.
    Raidraptor - Lock Chain: Themed Lose 1 Turn for the win.
    Cross Xyz: Admit it, we're dying for this.
    D/D/D Fusion: One-card Fusion? Yes.
    D/D/D Synchro: More consistent high-level Synchros? Yes.
    D/D/D Xyz: Rezzing for Xyz? Yes.
    Demise Urban: I have a soft spot for this card. Slap on a search effect to really get the ball rolling.
    Doctor D: D - HERO rezzing. They don't have Disk Commander, give it to them. And errata Disk Commander.
    Eternal Reverse: Another Adrian vs Yubel card.
    Ghost Salvage: Potentially extremely valuable in Link era.
    Endless Emptiness (Infinite Machine Ain Soph): I think we might get this anyway, but even so.
    Nonexistence (Zero Machine Ain): Same as above.
    Infinite Light (Infinite Light Ain Soph Aur): And this of course, so we can run Sephylon.
    ZEXAL Catapult: Make these guys hard to use.
    Fossil Fusion: Ah Scion, we'll both have heart attacks if this ever gets announced.
    Spirit Shield: Bakura classic.
    The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial: More flexible Rank-Ups for Phantom Knights.
    Red Vanish: Red Dragons could do with this.
    Grief Tablet: Thematic and powerful spot negation.
    Plate Salvage: Another reappearing card that I adore.
    Photon Trade/Photon Sublimation: Give Photons a draw card and make them great.
    The Phantom Knights of Possession: Come on, it's a recent classic.
    Counterbalance: 'Nother Bakura card. Could be neat for Infernoids.
    Cursed Twin Dolls: This is iconic.

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    Akashic Record: Highlander Decks' boon but Mirror Matches' doom.
    Alchemic Kettle - Chaos Distill: Macro Cosmos but for you.
    Battle of Sleeping Spirits: Just because of the moment it was used in.
    Big Summon Cloud: Cloudian support.
    Bonfire: FIRE ROTA.
    Break the Seal: Fancy Exodia searcher.
    Card from a Different Dimension: Gold Sarcophagus now turns into a Pot of Greed for both players.
    Cemetery Change: One of those funny-to-use bs cards.
    Code Change: Same as above.
    Contingency Fee: Lulzy Trickstar tech.
    Dark Arena: Better Savage Colosseum.
    Dark Corridor: Best Dark World tutor.
    Declaration of Rebirth: Because of my man Hell Kaiser Ryo.
    Delta Barrier: Uria enabler.
    Desperado Manager: Draw power at a fair price.
    Different Dimension Hangar: To make V-to-Z playable.
    Dimension Fusion Destruction: Themed Miracle Fusion.
    Doctor D: Themed Monster Reborn.
    Double Fusion: 2 Polymerizations for the price of 1 (and 500 LP).
    Dragon Heart: Triple Dragon Foolish Burial + 1000 ATK boost.
    Dual Gate: Interesting draw power.
    EN Shuffle: To tie Elemental Heroes and Neo-Spacians together.
    Eternal Reverse: Screws over floodgates in a cute way.
    Fire Recovery: FIRE Monster Reborn.
    Fog Castle: Interesting Field Spell.
    Fossil Fusion: No explanation needed.
    Golden Rule: To make Crystal Beasts playable.
    Icicle Sacrifice: Double Tribute with a fair cost.
    Illusion Gate: Just replace the "give your soul to the Sacred Beasts" bit with a perma-ban on the card shops or something like that lol.
    Infernal Transaction: Magical Stone Excavation with a different cost.
    Life Force: Lifesaver card I'm fond of.
    Living Fossil: Balanced Premature Burial.
    Miracle Rupture: Rock Foolish Burial + Upstart Goblin.
    Neospace Wave: Mass Neo-Spacian Summon.
    Ojamandala: Themed Tri-Wight.
    Ojama Ride: To tie Ojamas and Unions together.
    Planet Alignment: Helios support.
    Power Zone: Turns every monster into a Flame Wingman? Gimme.
    Prima Light: Cyber Girl support.
    Quick Rush: Because Upstart Goblin isn't enough.
    Resurrection Tribute: Conditional Back to the Front, but the interesting part is that it can revive Nomis.
    Reverse Reborn: Themed Premature Burial.
    Spy Hero: Magical Stone Excavation with a different cost and from your opponent's GY.
    Subspatial Battle: Either 3 searches + burn or 3 Foolish Burials. That's just cool.
    The Unchosen One: Same as Battle of Sleeping Spirits.
    Time Fusion: Paying time instead of Materials is an interesting concept, imo.
    Time Stream: Same as Fossil Fusion.
    Training Field: Same as Cemetery Change and Code Change.
    Triangle Force: Hamon enabler.
    Trickstar Vision: Link Material + ODP for Lycoris' effect.
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    Right, in no particular order at the moment.

    1 Orichalcos Deuteros I just want Orichalcos.dek already
    2 Orichalcos Triteros
    3 Orichalcos Sword of Sealing
    4 Penguin Sword I mean, isn't it about time?
    5 Ocean of Regeneration For when Penguin Torpedo comes out, and of course it can apply to Cannonball Spear Shellfish for extra non-target backrow destruction with Orca-Mega Fortress. Not to mention frog revival.
    6 Spider Web Yugi's card. nuff sed
    7 Bounce Spell Redirecting like a badass
    8 Attrition Joey's last card from BC. Hellooo Lunalights.
    9 Burning Soul Sword And you thought Salamandra was Flame Swordsman's only weapon.
    10 Reckless Parasite Paracide more consistency.
    11 Fire Whip Goyo guardian in Spell form + revives as FIRE
    12 Aetonix Flame Infernoids...
    13 Tears of a Mermaid When a monster is flipped face-up. Completely neuter one monster.
    14 Flaming Fist Equip for Spirit monster. "If it inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent this turn, gain 500 LP". All it needs is a self-recycling effect.
    15 Guardian Formation Come on, have you seen that effect? And in the Link era...
    16 Turn Jump GIVE IT TO ME! LV decks cry
    17 Dark Spell Regeneration Activate a Spell card from either GY. Then send it to your opp's.
    18 Mischief of the Time Goddess Skippy, skippy, skip...
    19 Attack Guidance Armor It's about
    20 Magical Trick Mirror damn time
    21 Fearful Earthbound Something like boosted Statue of the Aztecs + All Out Attacks + this = Stop Hitting Yourself
    22 Deck Destruction Virus More Virus
    23 Reverse of Reverse lol. Are you going to activate that face-down card? 'Cause if not, I will.
    24 Alpha Wave Emissions Virus Virus Field Spell
    25 Vaccine Kaiba starting to form a legit Virus deck strategy
    26 Spellbinding Illusion
    27 Cosmic Space Make Life Star decks a real thing!
    28 Eye of Illusion But only as support for Illusion(type) monsters
    29 Cell Division
    30 Deep Forest Forest should be supported like Umi...
    31 Alchemic Kettle Chaos Distill Include an effect to help search Alchemy Beast spell cards (yes they should keep the summoning spells and reliant monsters separate)
    32 Planet Allignment New Helios.dek support
    33 Jurassic World Original version of it's effect.
    34 Fossil Fusion You KNOW why
    35 Prima Light Needs modding since real version of Cyber Prima needs to be tributed to activate it's effect. Maybe just Special Summon with (This is treated as a Tribute Summon). Like cards that Special Summon Fusion monsters.
    36 Training Field Why wouldn't you want a card that let's your monsters battle EACH OTHER during your battle phase?
    37 Break the Seal! !!! BREAK. IT. NAO.
    38 Mechanic's Soul fish your roid out of the trash heap by throwing another of your choice from your deck in the grave. Evil genius.
    39 Soul Fusion
    40 Ancient Gear Chaos Fusion Also, gimmee those houndog fusions
    41 Quick Mask Change For the main deck Mask HEROs
    42 Turf Anticipate your opponent spcial summon. Respond with a bigass bug.
    43 Ultimate Machine Union How is this Fusion summoner for Roids not out yet?
    44 Test Fusion
    45 RUM Burial of the PK
    46 Level Change LV climbing trap with "Ignore summoning condition"
    47 Illusion Ninjutsu Art of Hazy Shuriken
    48 D-Death Match
    49 Demise Urban
    50 Cipher Interfere

    I know it's heavy on DM, but they've been waiting to come out the longest so... Not long ago Dark Sanctuary, Doppelganger and Dark Renewal would have been on this list. Ancient Sunshine and Sergei's Earthbound support are at the front of the line waiting for space to open up in this list.
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    I'm just saying,

    Stone Statue of the Aztecs + Fearful Earthbound + All-Out Attacks + Ojama Trio...

    Just don't special summon your 'Statue.
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