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    Quote Originally Posted by J. D. Guy View Post
    And once again, they tease a 2-on-1 Duel, only to not deliver. :/ It's starting to become bothersome to me.

    Interestingly enough, @KingKaash, this episode, they managed to get around a few of those speculated things regarding Goukis! Putting this in spoilers for now, just in case.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Gore's two new merc-bros are actually using Goukis! At least the one who Dueled this episode did. And the other who got knocked away before the Duel began actually came back at the end, so it's likely he'll be doing likewise. What's so cool and clever is that by having them use Gouki, they get around a lot of the hypothetical pitfalls of Gore using them as his full-time Deck. The Pink-afro bro didn't use any new Main Deck stuff (his set-up play was super similar to Gore's in his first Duel), but the Link-3 was new. Since things like Links are perfect support for the Deck that don't support the engine, this made for a convenient way of giving them tactically chosen support without the obligations of a bigger cache of cards if Gore was playing. It also had the dirty yet pragmatic benefit of having someone else use Gouki and than promptly lose, implictly 'cause they're not experienced with the Deck, without unduly making Gore look bad by taking that kind of loss.

    Other things include Despair from the Dark apparently being the devil now, at least for Soulburner. Sheppard being a dirty rat of a piece of scum, which I already knew. And a Salamangreat Link-2, which is super welcome (though once again, I'm pretty sure most figured it was only a matter of time before one came along). Oh, and Playmaker used Penestag and reused that Sword Spell from his Duel with Gore.

    Bit of an aside, but one thing I really like about VRAINS is its character designs. As short as his Duel was, Pink-afro really looked cool actually getting to move and act, and even those toughs from Soulburner's flashback actually looked pleasing.

    Looking forward to another token Gouki support from Short-n-spiky bro, for more new Salamangreat things, and for Soulburner to dunk that cape-and-fedora-wearing scrub into the fake lava.

    On another note, it's too bad that Sheppard's Drone Deck wasn't able to expound on its normal playstyle because it had to be used as support for the symbolism of Soulburner's fear of Despair from the Dark. I understand that it makes sense, but still. If/when he Duels again, hopefully against Ghost Girl or Akira (especially, since he needs the Duel), it'll be a more straightforward showcasing.
    Yup the Goukis made their appearance again in the show. Too bad the mook didn't know how to use Goukis. Kinda leaves me unsatisfied that a Gouki deck was blown away so easily, even though I understand a mook character will never be able to use the deck like Gore. But on the flip side, seeing Playmaker domination without a Code Talker or Link Dragon monster used was impressive

    Also sad to see Blood Shepherd become a gimmicky duelist against Soulburner this time. I wanted to see Blood Shepherd go all out with his Drone deck to see if he could have really beaten Soulburner
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