We have never seen the full faces of Takeru's parents, so I used to suspected them to be Baira and Faust, given the matching hair colors, and how they went missing after the Lost Incident.

But I have doubts now, because they have been on the same virtual room as Soulburner and shown no reaction (unless they don't know Soulburner = Takeru).

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Bohman has the same 4-pointed star pattern as the LIGHT ignis so they are likely connected.

At first I suspected Bohman could be the Light ignis itself, having been reprogrammed by an evil mastermind. But now it seems that the Light ignis is the mastermind, and Bohman likely his pawn.

I still have doubts about who or what Bohmab is, to be honest. I have a hard time believing he is a human, being able to materialize from a screen to enter Kusanagi's brother's mind. Then again, Yusaku can "feel" LINK VRAINS events in the real world, so, maybe Bohman's abilities are of the same nature.
I was close enough. The exposition given this episode explains everything about Bohman. This time I don't believe they are fabricated memories, but Bohman may still be hiding or lying about something.