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Thread: OCG: Link VRAINS Box VJump News!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePhotonLegion View Post
    2 new cards per theme makes it better than the previous box set, imo. Although, they do appear to only be supporting 4 decks here instead of the 15 they were last time.
    Though each Deck getting more than card is nice, if they're only supporting 4 Decks, that means we're only getting 8 cards.

    If that's the case, I kind of wish each Deck would get 3 or even 4 cards. That way, we be closer to the 15 new cards like the previous Box, while giving uniquely focused support 3 or even 4 times over for each Deck. That, or add Tingledangle and/or Altergeist to the mix.

    EDIT: After looking at Wikia's page, based on set composition, there's only hope for 3 new cards per each 4 persons, and 2 reprints per person. Otherwise, it'll be a new-to-reprint ration of 2 to 3.
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