Sup folks?! The extra sets are always the most exciting for me! Just having a couple of brand new archtypes dropped right on us a like a 1 ton pile of bricks is the best! Magical Musketeers, Weather Painters, and new Six Samurai support? Yes please! I tested all 3 decks extensively, and none of them are top tier but they all can certainly earn an invite through a regional! I do something different this time, I open up two boxes instead of one! Yeah, but I still do what I do best, drink some damn good beer! This video is sponsored by a local treasure, Bedoof! Bring your car on down to his auto repair yard and be entertained by his weird but lovable antics! BEDOOF!!

Please enjoy!

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Filmed deep in the woods at the foothills of the Cascade mountains outside of Ravensdale, Washington, I, the main man, aka MajorRiot, of LastBestHope, drink beer, open up various Yu-Gi-Oh products while talking about the greatest card game ever, Yugioh and all the ridiculous, fast paced summoning and first turn unbreakable boards. Relive classic sets from all generations of Yu-Gi-Oh and experience first hand accounts and reactions to the cards and card news from a redneck living in the woods. If you like slightly drunk and nuanced Yu-Gi-Oh box openings, and redneck junkyard beer drinking truck driving moonshine bonfire blue collar raccoon cartoon face, then this channel is for you! Please subscribe for more box openings and more beer drinking!