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Yeah, I'm playtesting a more Reunion-centric build and have to say it, it does miracles when you can resolve it. And when you can't, you can usually play with the rest of the deck just fine.
Sometimes is a little bricky though, and that's the reason I'm trying to build a 40-cards deck with the same focus.

As for the combos:
Final field: Omega in EMZ+Omega banished
Requirements: Shiranui Solitaire+Mezuki in hand, Gozuki either in hand or Main Deck, another card in hand (if Gozuki is in the deck).
1| Summon Solitaire and tribute it for Uni-Zombie.
2| Dump Gozuki from the Deck/discard it from the hand. Resolve the effect, banish Solitaire and summon Mezuki from the hand.
3| Synchro Summon Omega, immediately banish it.
4| Banish Mezuki to summon Gozuki.
5| Use Gozuki's effect to bump another Mezuki.
6| Banish Mezuki to summon Uni-Zombie.
7| Bump/discard whatever you want and make it lv4, then synchro summon another Omega.

Final Field: Quasar plus three cards drawn.
Requirements: Shiranui Solitaire+Mezuki, Gozuki either in hand or Main Deck, Crystron Needlefiber (yet-to-be-released in the TCG), Glow-up Bulb in the deck.
1| and 2| as above.
3| Link summon Crystron Needlefiber, summon Glow-up Bulb.
4| Banish Mezuki from the GY, summon Gozuki, use its effect to bump another Mezuki.
5| Synchro Summon Hyper Librarian.
6| Resurrect Glow-up Bulb with its own effect, and Gozuki with Mezuki.
7| Synchro Summon another Librarian.
8| During the opponent's Main Phase, tribute Needlefiber to Synchro Summon Frmula Synchron, draw 3 (1 for Formula and 2 for the Librarians).
9| Still during your opponent's Main Phase, use Formula's effect to synchro summon Quasar using itself and the 2 Librarians.

Note that you can use this Last combo to synchro summon Naturia Beast too (Gozuki+Bulb).
I see then. Thanks. Perhaps I will fit Gozuki in, then.

And yes, Vendread Reunion is pretty darn awesome in its Deck when it works. It's quite thematic, too.