Don't have a link on me, but according to the European Yugioh Facebook Page, they will reveal the cards in-full come this Wednesday.

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If he's about to turn, is this the point in the story where Arthur finds the murals of his wife Lancelot painted during the year he spent imprisoned in Morgan's castle and realizes his betrayal?
Not knowledgeable enough on the different Arthurian legends to be able to predict something like that.

I do wonder if the last card is a Noble Arms. I think it is, because I do not think they would release 4 cards in one go in a Core Booster and not take the time to create a new Noble Arms. Others think it will be a Noble Knight Spell Card, like Round Table and the rest. What do you think?

Also, the implict order of the cards, Custennin, King Custennin, new-Peredur/Pellinor, and the last one, kind of signified that the new Peredur/Pellinor card is also an Extra Deck Monster. It might be a second Xyz here, or it might be a second overall Link. Hoping it's a second Link.