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Thread: [V Jump] Artworks of Savage Strike Cards

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    [V Jump] Artworks of Savage Strike Cards

    You know those “Guess a card name” Twitter Posts we put up? Now you get to guess for a month over several card’s artworks.

    For some reason, I always find this threads fun.
    Artworks seem really cool, especially that Condemned Witch trying to get revenge over God (she used the Forbidden items without permission and eventually got punished and exiled from the Sanctuary in the Sky). I suspect it to be a counter-counter trap, but I could be wrong, since usually hers are Quick-play spells and not Counter traps. Or maybe I'm getting it backwards and it's a counter trap to quick-play spells?
    The third card is an obvious reference to Factory of Mass Production, but with enraged Mokey Mokey instead of their usual calm behaviour. Could it be a double foolish burial for normal monsters?
    As for the first, it's a fusion between Pot of Greed ("Draw 2 cards") and Pot of Riches ("Shuffle 3 Pendulum monsters; Draw 2 cards"), but we could expect anything, really. It will obviously be a "Draw 2" kind of cards (or something similar, like Pot of Duality), but we'll have to wait and see the cost and the restrictions.

    As for the names, I'm not that good at guessing them. What are your guesses?

    EDIT: The second card's first three syllables are almost certainly "Kami no" ("God's"), meaning it's probably a counter trap and member of the "Solemn" series. Will it be a Strike for spells?
    EDIT 2: Actually no lol Forgot that Yugi's cards use kanji, so "Kami" would only fit one of the two spots. So it's probably "魔女の", which translates to "Witch's..." (same kanjis used in Condemned Witch). Witch's Strike, maybe? Is it safe to say it'll be a quick-play spell? Maybe something along the line of "for the rest of this turn after this card's activation, your opponent cannot activate counter traps"?
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    Another Pot variant. An Anti-Solemn counter. And Dark Factory of Mass Production variant.



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