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...Huh. Starting to realize what makes Crystron Needlefiber so friggin' good now.

I take back what I said. Halberd's Assault Mode is a welcome addition to T.G. Decks! In fact the new Assault Mode support is welcome in T.G. period with this combo! You can pull out Vizor's biggest monster in a single turn with only two cards in your hand. T.G. will probably be one of the best cards to use Assault Mode now.

And another thing! Psy-Reflector is essentially a 1-card Link 3 monster!
Cystron Needlefiber has always been pleasant with the new T.G. support, because it allows the player to climb into the Link-3 Trident Launcher with only 2 Monsters. Or one, in certain circumstances, like Glow-Up Bulb or Psi-Reflector. Some even lament that Trident Launcher was seemingly designed on the basis of being intended to be Summoned with Cystron Needlefiber normally, and lament that should Needlefiber be banned (or even limited), without a suitable Link-2 replacement just for T.G., the new support will lose quite a bit of its push.

Psi-Reflector is an awesome card on its own. With Beast and Assault Mode Activate, Psi-Reflector becomes a 1-card Synchro Summon of any Monster from Level 6-9 who's Summoning requirements can accommodate, including all generic Level 6-9 Synchros. (You can potentially also fudge some stuff even on top of that, like with Needlefiber into Trident Launcher.)

I do hope we can get a Psychic Level 4 non-Tuner that can work seamlessly with Psi-Reflector, so I can go into Hyper Psychic Blaster! There's one more Assault Mode-related card left, which will be another Main Deck Monster, so here's hoping it'll be it.

And yes, the new T.G. Deck loves Psi-Reflector, and it meshes so seamlessly in the Deck in practice that they love their Assault Mode, too.