The Yu-Gi-Oh! community's toxicity hit me at full force again.

In one of the latest video of the user Lithium2300 (which was the one testing Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon), two pricks, Milan S and Vince Vega start attacking me because I'm a rage quitter and a hypocrite for not wanting any quitters in my duels and I'm somewhat a toxic player.

YGOPro prove again to be a terrible simulator with a terrible community. A terrible community that almost makes me quit the game twice. And this time it's the one that broke the camel for me.

I give up. I quit this game I was playing since it existed in France.

I've unsuscribe to all the Yugitubers I followed, deleted my Facebook which was solely here for Yu-Gi-Oh!, makes all my videos about Yu-Gi-Oh! private and delete YGOPro and all the decks I've worked hard on from my computer.

I want to have nothing to do with this game anymore. Now I hate it with a passion. Thanks to two hypocrites who criticize me for being toxic and a rotten tomatoe.

Farewell guys.