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Thread: Duel Power Wish List

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    Duel Power Wish List

    In April, we're going to get Duel Power, a set with 40 imports. I'm pretty sure there's a lot more than 40 cards that Japan has that we don't. So what kinds of things are we all hoping for?
    I'm going to separate my list in to a couple of broad categories.

    Master Link
    This doesn't deserve to come over as a structure deck. Or, rather, Powercode Link didn't deserve it, and we don't want a third Yusaku structure deck. This has 14 cards in it that we don't have, but here are the highlights:
    Shootingcode Talker - The last of the Code Talkers
    Code Radiator - because link summoning from hand is a cool gimmick
    Micro Coder - same deal.
    Cynet Optimize OR Cynet Codec - one helps with summoning (and protects against combat tricks), the other is a steady advantage engine. Both are good, I just don't want the deck to monopolize the whole pack.
    Everything else can just be OCG imports; I can't imagine any of the cards I didn't mention being more than a common.

    We got almost half of them like a year ago, and a few more since then, but the rest are long overdue. Some highlights:
    Crystron Needlefiber - ask anyone what their most wanted import is, and this is at the top of most every list.
    Cherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abyss - Burning Abyss is still a pretty popular deck, and it really wants it's link.
    Mermail Abyssalacia - Same deal. Mermails are a deck that won't die, and people love them.
    The other three (The Heriatic, Prohpecy, and Seraphy ones) would be as appreciated as well.

    What are you guys hoping for?
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    There are still ten cards from Volume 1, the very first card set, that still have not been released in TCG...

    The amount of Normal monsters that still have yet to be imported at this point in the game is disgustingly massive. Despite how few Normal monsters we get nowadays the list still dwarfs all other card types.
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    White Aura Monokeros

    Just throwing that out.



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