In April, we're going to get Duel Power, a set with 40 imports. I'm pretty sure there's a lot more than 40 cards that Japan has that we don't. So what kinds of things are we all hoping for?
I'm going to separate my list in to a couple of broad categories.

Master Link
This doesn't deserve to come over as a structure deck. Or, rather, Powercode Link didn't deserve it, and we don't want a third Yusaku structure deck. This has 14 cards in it that we don't have, but here are the highlights:
Shootingcode Talker - The last of the Code Talkers
Code Radiator - because link summoning from hand is a cool gimmick
Micro Coder - same deal.
Cynet Optimize OR Cynet Codec - one helps with summoning (and protects against combat tricks), the other is a steady advantage engine. Both are good, I just don't want the deck to monopolize the whole pack.
Everything else can just be OCG imports; I can't imagine any of the cards I didn't mention being more than a common.

We got almost half of them like a year ago, and a few more since then, but the rest are long overdue. Some highlights:
Crystron Needlefiber - ask anyone what their most wanted import is, and this is at the top of most every list.
Cherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abyss - Burning Abyss is still a pretty popular deck, and it really wants it's link.
Mermail Abyssalacia - Same deal. Mermails are a deck that won't die, and people love them.
The other three (The Heriatic, Prohpecy, and Seraphy ones) would be as appreciated as well.

What are you guys hoping for?