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Thread: Legacy of the Duelist -Link Evolution- Details

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    Legacy of the Duelist -Link Evolution- Details

    Legacy of the Duelist -Link Evolution- Details

    March 20, 2019 NeoArkadia
    From the official website
    Release Date is April 25th, 2019 for Japan
    Download Exclusive Title
    Price is 3000 Yen
    You’ll be able to Duel using the latest rules (Link Summoning, et al), with cards such as Decode Talker, Borreload Dragon and Linkuriboh
    The game’s content goes up to the Japanese release of “Hidden Summoners”, so about August 2018 in terms of Japanese product (i.e. Soul Fusion and Hidden Summoners are the rough cut off)
    Duelists include a breadth of Duelists from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! to the currently airing Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.
    145 Duelists are confirmed, such as:

    • Yugi
    • Judai
    • Yusei
    • Yuma
    • Yuya
    • Yusaku/Playmaker
    • Kaiba
    • Don Thousand
    • Rudgar
    • Enjoy Chojiro
    • Yubel
    • Yuri
    • Aoi/Blue Angel

    The game is designed for at-home with friends and nation-wide play. There’s Ranked Matches, Shield Battles, and even Booster Draft.

    Source Article:

    145 characters.
    Which 145 characters would you guys like to see in this? Hopefully they remove the characters that have practically nothing for their their deck. Having characters like Valon, Dartz, Blair and Darkness in the game was a joke. But with Don Thousand being listed here... I don't know if they care. I can think of 31 characters from DM that could be here without wasting slots on characters like Valon who have not a single card to their deck. At least Z-One now has a deck to play.

    And I see another 17 characters from Arc-V that could be put in this game.
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