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Thread: OCG Structure Deck Polls! (Top 20 ends in about 24 hour; Top 5 winners face-off!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archsorcerer View Post
    So, what do you think they are gonna get?

    My guess is pendulums like the Lunalight cards and maybe a link that makes Grysta and Shek have no need to discard for their negation effects.
    Cool idea. I'd go a step further to make it really worth it:
    Once per turn, when resolving effects that include sending a "Shaddoll" monster(s) from your hand to the GY, you can send from your deck instead.

    I think a new Fusion boss is a given. But the 6 attributes have already been used, so it may need a different material formula... some hypothesis:

    [1] 3 "Shaddoll" monsters
    [2] 1 "Shaddoll" Fusion monter + 1 Effect monster
    [3] 1 "Shaddoll" monster + 1 Pendulum monster

    The 3th might be even a Pendulum Fusion. And also a Zefra, because why not.

    Or maybe a Synchro that takes Shaddoll Falco as the required Tuner. Heh. I hope not.

    Maybe something that Special Summons Shaddolls from the deck in face-down defense position cheaply.

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    Their field spell was meant to provide some pseudo Super Poly effect to the spells. Problem is only Construct and Winda were big stars and Shek only appeared on Train variants.

    A Shaddoll monster that can enable some nabbing a monster for a fusion. You would need a decent fusion with in the like of Millenium-Eyes -> (1 "Shaddoll" monter + 1 Effect monster)

    Good idea on the link. Maybe a link 3 like PK Rusty Bardiche as an upgrade you can go from the Shaddoll link 2.

    ( Problem is the link 2 is crap. How do you get 2 Shaddolls face-up on the field without burning a fusion monster? )

    You can also give the link 3 a fusion effect. "Send cards you control or in the graveyard to the deck, then fusion summon a Shaddoll using sent cards as materials."

    Heck, make it generic to make it able summon other fusion monsters. No doubt Predaplants are gonna get support at the same time.

    Shaddoll Zefras are the easy route but you need something to circumvent their restriction.

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