I'm pretty sure nobody actually intends to use Ice Barriers and nobody actually wants them to be a good deck.

A bunch of you probably just saw Ice Barriers set as the third-highest voted deck when the mid-term article was released on June 25th and then -- just you did with getting E-Hero Stratos unbanned in TCG at the heavy cost of having AHL go to 1 -- meme'd the deck archetype into first place as you went over to the website and dropped your votes in.

Now, Gusto are lost to us and WIND loses yet another opportunity to become relevant to the game after that joke of an attempt at Link-era Harpies.

(I just came here to rant, tbh. I actually just stick with Shaddoll-hybrid decks these days and I've stopped taking this game seriously ever since the tournaments rules started to prohibit hand/deck verification and for some reason also needed to mandate bathing.)

I'm probably not coming back to respond, because of how elitist people are with their discussions and the obvious dogmatism when it comes to deck strats (a.k.a. "copy JP deck recipes and pretend to be a pro as you dump on everyone else").