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Thread: Protagonists Unite!

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    Protagonists Unite!

    Hey everyone! I was bored and I had a neat idea to use. So basically the idea was to use all the protagonist's ace monsters in some way and make it into a deck. So lo and behold! The most inconsistent deck yet!

    So the idea was having a Magician engine to help special summon everyone's ace monsters. Dark Magician, Neos, and Odd-Eyes are all level 7 which makes them very easy to pendulum summon with this deck. Dark Magician Girl is there because she supports Dark Magician and Rainbow Dragon so I can at least attempt to get Rainbow Neos. The best part about the Magician engine too is that it sets up Insight Magician up so you can even get out Utopia which helps out. Dark Rebellion and Clear Wing are there just because they're alternate versions of Odd-Eyes in a sense.

    So the biggest problem is really the Synchro and E Hero stuff. I really haven't thought about how to get Stardust out consistently without going off theme. I threw in Jet Synchron because most of these monsters are Level 7 and it can Special Summon from grave but I'm considering replacing him with Tuning Magician. Junk Synchron and Doppel Warrior is there as both as a way to get Junk Warrior and Stardust out and getting tokens for the off chance I need to tribute summon and/or for Formula Synchron. And if you noticed I feel like there isn't much E Hero representation with only Neos and Rainbow Neos. I did originally wanna include Flame Wingman for the same reason as Junk Warrior, being the ace of the hero before getting an upgrade but it requires me of getting its Fusion materials however. I'm not good with E Heroes so its new ground for me.

    Stuff I'm considering to removing:
    2 Odd-Eyes
    Eye of Timaeus (replace with another Poly)
    Jet Synchron (replace with Tuning Magician)
    Doppel Warrior + Junk Synchron (replace with something like Level Eater)
    Utopic Dragon + Astral Force

    So yeah. I don't really expect this to be a super competitive deck but still I do want a little help with it. It has potential to be one of those really fun decks if done right but I feel like I'm kind of not doing it right. I wanna hear your ideas for this deck.

    Ps. Yeah I have an idea for a rivals deck and I have a feeling that will be a little easier for me to make. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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    For stardust I'd Recommend a tuner of choice and a Magician of corresponding level
    IE, A Level 1 tuner and LV 7 Magician, which also opens up Ebon Illusion Magician, which is what I would go for but you could also keep Junk and add a LV 5 magician

    Utopic Dragon isn't worth the time IMO
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