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Thread: A Guide to Gladiator Beasts

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    hello guys!!

    Well im the same at Pojo (been following the threads without posting lately).

    In my personal experience i was so excited when Augustus was released, i played a regional with 3 augustus and was doing well, in the final round i draw the 3 augustus and 2 tigers, i lose and miss the top, from there im not playing augustus.

    I like secutor too and im maining it, is a very good option to put presure on your opponent, but when you draw it is bad (not that bad like augustus) is wind for chidorii play and is summonable.

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    Eh, he hasn't played GB for a long while, but he's still insistent on playing Augustus, for the Rank 8 possibilities; apparently, he gets some good luck with them on YGOPro tablet edition, when testing it out on the AI.
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